today I am…

Luc- 1 month

*While I wrote this update and took the pictures when Luc was really and truly a month old I hadn’t had the time to post it until now…

One month, say it isn’t so! I know you are probably tired of hearing me say how I can’t believe that they are already- fill in blank age here- but it’s true, I can’t. While the days are frequently long around here the weeks and months fly by so, so quickly. I have been trying to drink this little one in as much as humanly possible this past month since I know that all I have to do is blink and he will be grown.

A little bit of an update on our little guy (in no official manor) because I know if I don’t write it down I will forget it…

Luc continues to maintain true to his fabulous 3rd child status. He is laid back, go with the flow and generally pretty easy. I sincerely hope that I am not jinxing myself by saying this but he is usually easy to please. He eats, he enjoys a little awake time and then he snoozes. He does have times that he is fussier than usual (about 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours after he eats and late afternoon and late evening) but nothing that a little cuddling and walking won’t cure.

Luc had some difficulty eating to begin with and wasn’t gaining weight the way his doctor would have hoped so we took him in for a few extra visits and met with a lactation consultant. He had a pretty weak latch, something that is pretty common in babies that are born early, and when you couple that with him being so sleepy (also something associated with early babies) it makes for a bad combo. However, he has been getting better and he is gaining weight, he weighed in at 7lbs 14oz at 3 weeks old, but is still pretty squishy and tiny.

He is pretty much the most fantastic cuddle bug ever. He snuggles right in to your chest and snoozes away in the most peaceful and sweetest manner. Like I said, I am drinking him in right now since I know this won’t last. So while the laundry piles up around us I sit and ignore it because if there is one thing I have learned with the other two it’s that babies don’t keep.

Again, I hope I am not jinxing myself when I say this but Luc is a pretty fantastic sleeper for his age. I feed him late at night before I go to bed (between 11:30 and 12) am up once a night with him and then again in the morning. He usually goes right back to sleep in the middle of the night, no pacing for us! Yahoo! So while we have had an few long nights here and there these are the norm and we are very thankful for it.

I suppose the only other thing of note is that Luc prefers to be warm. He’s a tried and true Florida boy and likes things warm and will tell you if he feels otherwise. We swaddle him at night after his nightly bath and feeding and during the day he loves to have a blanket on his legs or be snuggled up tight in my carrier.

Luc- 1 month

Luc- 1 month

Luc- 1 month

Luc- 1 month

Luc- 1 month

Luc- 1 month

Luc- 1 month

That covers the highlights on our little guy for sure and since I had fun looking back at the other two One Month posts I though you might to as well-

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