party of 5

It has taken us over three weeks to finally get a photo of all 5 of us together and while everyone isn’t smiling, it’s us, our family. Seemingly over night we have grown to be a party of 5, a fully loaded only-one-extra-seat sport truck (minivan) family, a more children than I have arms for family, a zone defense instead of man defense family, a wild and crazy house full of boys family. I am sure I could keep going but you get the point. I frequently find myself stopping in the middle of doing something only to be caught off guard by how full our house has become. And while some days are tough and all days are busy we have three beautiful, healthy little boys and I can’t help but think how lucky we are. As Jamie put it a few days ago, we are lucky beyond words.

party of 5

4 thoughts on “party of 5

  1. Lucky indeed…..and we are lucky to get to watch you all grow and flourish thru your wonderful pictures!! Thank you for including us!


  2. Great family photo! I’ll need to print a copy of that since now my other family photo of you guys is missing the latest member of the Party!!


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