one week

Luc and Mommy


Monday you were a week old- just a mere 7 days- and already you have stolen my heart, actually you did that the first time they put you in my arms moments after you were born. You came into this world 20 days early and I frequently wonder how I could have waited that long to snuggle you.

Free time is short these days and sleep even less so; however, I have a few things that I want to remember from these first few days… You are tiny- you are shorter than the length of your Daddy’s forearm, my chapstick is as long as your forearm- tiny for sure. You fit so nicely into my arms and have the frog style snuggle down pat. For the most part you sleep really well, you are nice to me and your Daddy in that regard and so far you have been sleeping in the cradle with the help of Jenny (our sound machine). You eat well although you are pretty messy. Frequently, I am covered in milk after you nurse and you almost always have it all over your face. You burp really well after eating and occasionally let out one that sounds like it should have come from a much larger person. When you nurse you rub your tiny little feet on my arm, Jay used to do that too, and it is one of my favorite things. You also frequently prop your hand/arm up behind your head while eating or sleeping and every time I see you do this it reminds me so much of your Daddy, he sits/sleeps that way too. When you are snoozin’ you smile the sweetest little half smiles and while I know most babies do this too your smiles melt me every time.  You like to be warm and cuddled. When you get cold your tiny body shivers until you are covered up and held. You could probably be covered up and not snuggled and be just as happy but I have decided to use this as an excuse to hold and cuddle you; you won’t be this tiny for long. You don’t mind tummy time (yet) and seem to like the paci, at least for now. Your brothers adore you and would smother you in kisses, hugs and other random forms of affection all day long if we let them. You have taken their affection and the two of them in stride.  So far you are pretty go with the flow, a good trait for a third child, and you fit seamlessly into our little family of 5. I simply can’t imagine our lives without you and am so thankful and blessed to be your Momma.

I look forward to the road ahead, for I know it will bring wonderful things so far beyond what I can imagine.

I love you more than words can say sweet boy.


3 thoughts on “one week

  1. You look beautiful, Mom, and your son is beautiful as well. Life would be so different if every mother could write a message so full of love for each child. How blessed are your little boys.


  2. So eloquently stated. You are a wonderful Momma and all your boys (all 4 of them) are blessed to have you.


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