springtime in florida

We have been in the big pool once already; swim lessons (in the big outdoor pool) start at the end of the week; we have taken out the slip n slide, water table and now the kiddie pool. As far as I’m concerned springtime in Florida is in full swing! Living here does have it’s perks although come July/August I am pretty sure I will be joining the boys in the kiddie pool because it is going to be HOT! Most days we need to burn off a ton of energy just so the boys don’t end up killing each other before Daddy gets home… I call this next activity: pre-nap time survival, that and cheap entertainment.

Oh and if you want to see how much the kiddos have grown in the last year check out these and these kiddie pool pics from last year.



so much fun!

two very happy boys


what could be more fun than splashing up a storm?

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