Family Circles

Kristen and I have wanted to make a printable family tree for a while and what better motivation than Christmas gifts? We looked at a few ideas and the inspiration for the design we ultimately landed on is now nowhere to be found so we can’t link to them. Anyway, below are the three family “trees” that we created. And by “we” I mean that Kristen did all the design concept work and I clicked the mouse a few times in a graphics program with her supervision. We gave these to the grandparents and any other family members whose names we happened to draw and we’re happy to print more for other family members.

Houghton family circle

Vickers family circle

Perreault Family Circle

I will also point out that my very compulsive wife insisted that all photos be chronological by birth. Whether the aesthetics worked best clockwise or counter-clockwise, the second generation is in age order and then the third generation is in age order while staying within the bounds of their parents, etc.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do a circle for Kristen’s Dad’s family, the Westlakes. We don’t get to see that extended family often and obtaining all the required pictures would have been exceedingly difficult.

8 thoughts on “Family Circles

  1. I love that you made me a copy of the Perreault’s and the Vicker’s! I have frames on the way! I can’t wait to put them up in my room so I can see them when I walk in every day <3 Thanks for making these!


  2. I loved my family circle and are very proud of the wonderful idea that you came up with. Mine is already in a frame!!! Love it and thank you ever so much!!!


  3. I just found this in January….what a lovely idea and great gifts!! Masterfully crafted! I have always been grateful for the family photographs at the Vickers’ home. In the early days of visits there, I used to study them at night to figure out just who was who and who belonged to which set of parents. There was always a constant ebb and flow of folks from the entire clan and not always with their own siblings or mate ….. even the ketchup traveled between houses…it was a match game I truly enjoyed and when I mastered it, I felt like I had won!!! Indeed I had. I love you all. Jim and Margaret created a wonderful “clan tree”!!


    1. Jennifer,
      Thank you! I designed them and my husband “built” them using a free program similar to photoshop and a lot of geometry. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make them that we are aware of. Thanks for taking a look at our blog, we love new visitors! -Kristen


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