The ball has dropped and the New Year has been rung in and as we begin 2013 I have a hard time with some people’s approach to the past year. I think that it is easy for most people to look at the past year and only remember the difficult times and the things that they so quickly want to get away from.  I think it is difficult, yet so much more rewarding, to point out the things, regardless of how small, that were so wonderful and I can only wish to  relive a million times over…

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so as we begin 2013 I want to take a moment to remember, remember those cherished moments and times I don’t ever want to forget because I can only hope that is what my children will do when they get to an age where they are able to reflect.

This year…

-My baby boys turned one and two years old.  They are happy, healthy and so FULL of life.

-Jamie and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  We didn’t have a big celebration or go out for a fancy meal but we did take a moment to acknowledge just how lucky we are to have found each other.

-My baby boy, Charlie, learned to sit on his own, crawl and then walk.  He is exploring his world with each new mile stone and taking it all in.

-Charlie started giving kisses, hugs and started saying Mama and meaning it.  Melt me…

-Jay Bird learned SO much… news songs, new words, colors, shapes, the beginnings of reading.  I could go on but this post just isn’t long enough. He is a sponge and I LOVE that he is continuously soaking it all in.

-Jamie’s job got better and he got to finally work from home once a week consistently which means that we got to have lunch with Grandpa almost every week for the last year; something so simple yet so cherished.

-We watched as dear friends expanded their families and welcomed precious babies into this world.

-We visited with family and friends that we don’t get to see often.

-We welcomed family back home.

-We played.  We played inside with toys, we played outside at the park.  We played uninterrupted with our children for as long as we wanted to.

-We celebrated holidays both big and small with joy and the enthusiasm of our children.

2012 has been a year full of blessings; here’s to 2013 and another year of the same.

sweet moments with my boys

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