today I am

10 months old!

It is so hard to believe that our little man is 10 months old already; pretty soon he will be one- slow down time, slow down!


weight and height I don’t know about- I forgot to take them

teeth- 3!!!  Much to my surprise two weekends ago I discovered a bottom tooth when I was feeling around in there.  I say surprise because both Jamie and I felt sure that the top ones would come first.  He got his first on a Friday, the second on a Sunday and then one of his top ones last Thursday.  There are two other top ones that are SO close to peeking through so I am sure that he will get more within the next month.  I will admit though that it does make me a little sad that he has them, he is looking less and less like a baby every day.

Things of Note-

-He is moving- big time!!  He is crawling super fast right now and getting everywhere he wants to be.  He is cruising with confidence around everything that he can pull up on but hasn’t yet gotten brave enough to stand on his own unassissted.  He walks pretty confidently after his push toys and loves that kind of “walking”.

-Eating is going pretty well.  While we haven’t moved on completely from purees we don’t feed him that many anymore.  He still loves anything that he can put in his own mouth and you can barely tell that he only has 3 (very small) teeth right now by the way he eats.  Some of his current favorites are watermelon (he eats big slices of it all of the way down to the rine and LOVES every bite), cheese in any form, peaches and pears (bite sized not pureed)

-Sleep is still pretty much the same as last month although his naps are shorter on some days. Honestly, I am pretty sure that it has everything to do with his teeth and nothing to do with his sleeping patterns.

-Waving.  Along with “Yay, Charlie” he has added waving to his repertoire of tricks.  None of which he does on command.  Right now he mostly waves when he is tired and wants to go to sleep.

-Getting Excited.  When this little guy gets excited he picks his legs up and bangs (when he is sitting) them on the ground and then collapses in half of the ground.  It’s really funny to watch (and also hard to describe) but it is how you know he is really enjoying something.


-Bath time.  This is one of Charlie’s favorites times of day, aside from eating.  Throughout the day he frequently crawls into the bathroom and just stands at the tub squealing because he wants to get in so badly.  He will splash in there for hours if we would let him.  Just tonight Jamie had drained the tub completely and the little guy had a blast just crawling and sliding around in the wet tub.

-Sally.  Sally is one of Jay’s pull back cars and it is by far Charlie’s favorite.  I think it fits perfectly into his little hand and he will push it around the office, kitchen, family room for quite some time.  When he pushes it he makes a little car noise that I think he picked up from Jay, it’s really cute.  Sally also makes a  clicking noise if you push her backwards for awhile which Charlie loves, he usually smiles and squeals when she starts clicking.

-Peek a boo.  It’s still a favorite game when he gets out of the bath or really anytime during the day.

-Walking behind the lion.  This is probably Charlie’s favorite activity right now.  He smiles the whole time and is doing a great job really walking behind the toy.  The only problem we are having with this is that he has no idea how to turn and gets beyond frustrated when he runs into something and can’t go any further.  It’s really funny to watch (well it’s funny the first or second time) when he runs into something because he will keep walking in place at first, then the walking gradually turns into a foot stamping and when he realizes that he really is stuck he melts and I mean really melts- big huge puddle on the floor of crying mess.  He will continue screaming until someone comes to get him or until someone helps him “steer”.  Jay has been helping him steer although he doesn’t always go as slowly as Charlie needs him too and Charlie has to flop down onto his knees and walk as fast on his knees as he can to catch up.

-Jay.  Nothing about this has changed.  They are sweet to each other and make each other laugh like no one else can.


-Being tired.  This pretty goes without saying.  When he’s tired he will tell you and you better start moving to get him into bed.  This little boys knows his bedtime routine (for naps and at night) and don’t you dare try to change it up on him because he will know and he won’t like it too much.

-Being hungry. He likes to eat so this is a no brainer.

-Not being able to steer his lion.  See above for details regarding the mondo fit that he has over not being able to steer.

So this pretty much sums up our little 10 month old.  He is the happiest baby I think I have ever met and he steals my heart daily.  Enjoy some of the most recent photos :)

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