It’s safe to say that I usually have a project (or two or three) underway at any given time.  I like to create, I like to make things with my own two hands and I really enjoy making gifts for others.  Creating has a way of recharging me that is SO, SO necessary to me these days!  So it works out well for me that fall is here (well almost if you are being technical about it) and the holidays are coming!!  I am so excited to get our fall decorations down and to begin working full tilt on some of my holiday preparations and homemade gifts.  Would you be jealous if I told you that I have already started on my Christmas shopping? Well I have, so be jealous ;)

Holiday prep aside most recently my projects have been centered on updating our home; however, in-between painting and reupholstering furniture I was able to make a few gifts for some sweet little people.  I am lucky enough to have dear friends that have either just had babies or have little ones on the way. And I, like many others, am a sucker for all things tiny.  Here’s a taste of some things I have been working on.

Some sweet headbands for baby Elise. I mailed them to Mississippi right before hurricane Ivan :( here’s hoping they arrived ok. And if they haven’t arrived yet, sorry Nan for the spoiler…

My models… Charlie had no choice but Jay begged me to be able to wear the headband too and who am I to refuse ;) Heaven help me if we ever have a little girl because the list of sweet baby girl projects I have in my head is ever growing.

A hand stitched mustache onesie for a little one that has yet to make his appearance. Really looking forward to December when I can cuddle with this one.

I have a few other things in the works that I will show soon, that is if I can remember to get photos of them. I am going to try my hand at quilting and I have a few crochet projects in the works too- yay for fall and cool weather projects!

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