A few weekends ago Jamie and I took Jay to Seaworld for the day.  We had been putting off a trip to one of the theme parks for quite some time since Jay is really still on the young side (people who go with itty itty babies to parks are crazy with a capital C!!) but decided to take the plunge and get Sea World passes.  We packed a bag with a lunch the night before so we would be ready to go first thing in the morning and honestly, I am not sure who was more excited about our trip- me or Jamie, Jay had no idea what was in store for him.  We left Charlie with Mimi- it was way too hot for him to be out all day- and had Jay all to ourselves for the day!  It was very hot out and we all were melted and tired when we got home but we had so much fun.   Jay loved getting to see the dolphins in the underwater viewing area (I had to pull Jamie away so we could go see other animals), he liked the beluga whales and splashing in the sting ray tank among other things and Jamie and I enjoyed watching Jay take it all in (we liked the animals too).

I didn’t take a ton of photos since I was so busy soaking it all up but I do really like the few that I got…

enjoying the underwater dolphin viewing area-

watching the Shamu Show-

Jay kept doing hand motions along with the jumping Shamu

splashing in the stingray lagoon-

I know that this is out of focus but it is the only one that I have where you can see him actually touching the rays- he loved it!

oh and I promise that I was actually there- I just didn’t ever get in any of the photos!

3 thoughts on “seaworld

  1. Oh touching sting rays is so fun! They feel so slimy! I’m glad he liked it :) And I love the pis of him in front of the dolphins!


  2. I’m looking forward to going with you guys WHEN the Penguin exhibit is back up and running! Looks like you had a fabulous day.


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