Jamie and I just recently started a new workout regimen called Insanity.  We had been wanting to start something up again and although we enjoyed P90X when we did it a year and a half ago we just don’t have 1.5 hours each night to commit to it anymore so we choose to give Insanity a whirl.  We’ll see where it takes us and if I remember I will let you know that I think of insanity (after completing it), although right now I would say that it’s hard as heck but I am enjoying it.  One aspect of the beach body programs that I really enjoy is the way they encourage you to track your progress and while I am sure as heck not going to post “before” photos of myself up here I will show you a few of Jay.  He was up while we were taking our photos and wanted in on the action.  These photos make me crack up every time I see them, kiddo’s got some serious muscle action going on ;)

Jamie let him “take” the photos of us (I was using the big camera and Jay had Jamie’s phone), he was so tickled that he got to use the camera to take photos.

baby got back! ;)

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