“i scream, you ice scream”

We have a new wooden sign in the kitchen that says- I Scream, You Scream and it has a big ice cream cone on it.  My Little Bird likes to point at it and say “I scream, you ice scream”, makes me smile…

The other day, Jamie was working from home and Jay had been especially good during the day so we had an early supper, packed up the car and treated Jay to his first ice cream cone!  If you know anything about us, you know that we (maybe mostly me, but it’s rubbing off on Jay too) have a thing for ice cream.  If you take a look in our freezer at any given time you can find at least 4-5 different flavors- it’s our own personal Baskin Robins ;)  So a trip to get an ice cream as a family was a very fitting treat.

At the end of it all Jay was a super sticky mess- a head-to-toe mess of melted ice cream.  But I am pretty sure he loved every single bite of his super huge “banilla” cone (btw- we ordered  him a small cone, I would hate to see what the medium or large looks like).  And as for this Mamma, the ice cream was yummy but spending a quiet evening just the four of us was more of a treat than I could ever ask for.  Lately, the days and evenings have been kind of crazy, with Jamie’s insane work hours and everything that comes along with having two boys under 2.5 years old, so these moments have been rare but oh so sweet when they happen… Can’t wait to do it again ;)

ordering- he loved watching the cones being made

“that’s really huge Mommy”

ice cream smiles

happy boy along for the ride

a fantastic mess

good to the last bite

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