late sunday swim

Most of our Sunday was spent cleaning up from the shrimp boil on Saturday (many thanks to all who stuck around Saturday to help pick up; many hands made light work).  However, when the majority of the cleaning and packing up was done Jamie headed over to help his Dad build a trellis for a new bougainvillaea plant they added during his parents re-landscaping project.  I stayed back while the boys napped but joined him after they woke up.  Charlie got to take his first turn in the porch swing, or any swing for that matter, and both boys along with me, Jamie and Mimi took a dip in the pool- which was also Charlie’s first swim.  It’s still a little bit chilly, Jay’s teeth start chattering pretty soon after getting wet, but it didn’t stop either of them from enjoying the water.  Charlie splashed and giggled the whole time and Jay went non-stop regardless of the shivering.  The swimming from last year is starting to come back to Jay and right now he adores jumping in and taking submarine rides on Daddy’s back.  I am pretty sure by the end of the summer we will have made a full blown fish out of him… gills here we come!

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