sweet husband!!

A few days ago Jamie told me that last night (Wednesday) I needed to be dressed up and ready to go at 6pm; he had arranged for his parents to watch the boys and he was taking me out! Sweet thoughtful husband right? He gave no reason other than he wanted a night out with me and I was thrilled. Honestly, I looked forward to it for the few days that I knew about it and Wednesday afternoon drug on… I just wanted him to get home so we could be on our way :)

Wednesday after work he arrived home, Mimi took over the boys and we headed out. He told me we were going downtown to a burger restaurant, Pine Twenty Two, and that we were going to ride the downtown bus and make a night of it. Super- fun! Pine Twenty Two is a new (ish) restaurant that serves 100% natural, hormone free burgers with all kinds of delicious toppings- gruyere cheese, chipotles aioli sauce, fried eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and charred onions just to name a few. When we were waiting to place the order Jamie nonchalantly pulled out two tickets to the Lion King on Broadway (yes you read that correctly) and said hope we will make it in time! I was super surprised and thrilled! We grabbed our burgers to-go, the sweet guy who took our order grabbed them as soon as they came out and brought them right to us (he actually skipped out to us but that is a whole other story)- and we ended up eating outside of the Bob Carr theater by the fountains. The show was fantastic! I am by no means a writer and would do the show no justice if I tried but know that the music and the costumes are EVERYTHING they are said to be and that you should go if you ever get a chance.

All and all it was a fantastic night- dinner was delicious (really you should try it sometime if you are local), the show was AMAZING, and time out with my sweet husband was the icing on the cake. Not sure how I got so lucky but I sure snagged one of the best!

I happened to have my camera with me and grabbed a few before we headed back to the theater, supper in hand.

3 thoughts on “sweet husband!!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening out! The boys were a joy to watch and I had my sweet husband there to help with baths and bedtime!


  2. i’m super glad when Jama Lama sends me an e-mail telling me you two have posted a new Blog.. sounds like a great night out for a loving couple.. grandpa


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