One of the perks of Jamie working from home is that we get to have lunch with Grandpa when he does.  We all look forward to it- Piper nearly knocks over everyone in her path once she sees us getting ready for lunch (putting the place-mats out and getting a towel for her to have her kong treat on) and Jay bounds around the house saying “Grandpa, Grandpa” in a sweet sing-songy voice when he sees him pull up or hears the front gate open announcing his arrival.  I know it’s only a little bit before Charlie joins in on the Grandpa’s-here-dance too because he loves every bit of our visits as much as the rest of us.  I am so glad that I was able to grab a few photos from the highlight of our week; Charlie shared some adorable smiles and the few that I got of Grandpa reading to Jay (which is probably Jay’s favorite part of our lunch routine) make my heart smile.  Enjoy the photos and enjoy the next few days of your weekend ;)

7 thoughts on “lunch

  1. I know, I’m always jumping for joy when I get to join you all for these special lunches. That darn work just gets in the way. But summer will be here soon!! Love these photos of special times with great grandpa :-)


  2. i thought i heard some camera clickings..

    i’ll keep this blog spot handy because it gives me a warm feeling when i look at it..

    great grandpa jim


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