our chalkboard wall

In a moment of insanity I decided that it would be a good idea to redecorate our home… this moment came sometime after Jamie went back to work after Charlie was born and probably after days of not getting out much.  I told Jamie that it had never really felt like ‘our’ home (we were younger when we moved in and painted every wall in the house and I most certainly would not pick the stuff that I picked out then again) and that I really wanted a change. Surprisingly, he agreed to let me change things up and I haven’t looked back since.

If I had my way we would be able to do it all in one fell swoop (I hate the in-between stages of projects); however, our budget says otherwise and we are doing it little bit by little bit after saving and budgeting for the changes… it’s what we can do right now so it works ;)

I am nowhere near being ready to share any before and after photos with you all (like I said it’s been a process); however, I do want to show off one of my favorite changes so far- our kitchen chalkboard wall!  We took the simple green wall in the kitchen and turned a 4×8 section of it into a massive chalkboard!  I was desperate to find something to entertain my super busy toddler during the last hour before Daddy gets home- you know the hour when he is tired, hungry and cranky AND I am trying to make dinner and entertain my littlest chunk of love.  We needed something that would allow for both of us to be alive and in one piece when Jamie walks through the door and we hit the jackpot with this addition.  Our little bird loves it and it proves to be a great conversation piece after Daddy gets home and we sit down for supper.  I am sorry but I really don’t have any great tutorials on how to make one of these for yourself and I certainly didn’t take any photos of the during process; however, if you really would like more info feel free to leave a comment and I will try to answer as best I can.

couldn't resist

Jay is on a dinosaur kick right now so this is commissioned work... (don't judge the artist too much!)

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