almost a week ago I was…

A day late but not a dollar short that’s for sure… here’s the update on my sweet little one.

height- 23.5 inches long (the exact same as Jay at his age)

weight- a whopping 16lbs 6oz!! (more than 2lbs more than Jay at his age)

Things of note:

-To begin with Charlie is probably the sweetest happiest baby around.  I know that he is mine and therefore I am biased but this child is the picture of patience and so genuinely happy all of the time; I sincerely can’t get enough of him.  It seems as though he has gotten Jamie’s laid back/whatever attitude in combination with my happy-go-lucky and it makes for the most wonderful little boy.

-He has been laughing for more than a month now.  It is the sweetest sound around :)

-He is also a little ticklish… not a whole lot but from time to time if you get his belly, neck or the top of his legs just right you can hear that sweet baby laugh.

-He started rolling over on Saturday.  He goes from his back to his front (which I understand to be unusual; however, both of my boys have gone back to front first).  He has done it a few times since then and is marginally happy when he gets there but you better help him out soon since he still isn’t a fan of being on his tummy for too long.

-He is an absolute angel as far a sleeping goes.  He has pretty much been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months old.  I honestly believe that part of this has to do with his personality but there is also a portion of this that I attribute to the sleep training work that we have done with him since he was two weeks old.  He has a bed time routine and has had for months now and I think it really, really helps.  He is also a pretty good napper; frequently, he will fuss a tiny bit then just crash so he can be placed in his crib on his tummy (oh the horror, I know- but it works).  Lately, he has been fighting a little harder to stay awake between naps (I think it’s because he is aware of things more and is starting to not want to miss out on anything) so I have been putting him down while he is still awake and while he fusses a little bit he usually gives in and goes to sleep on his own.  Like I said- angel :)

-He has really started paying attention to the things around him.  He has been watching Jay from quite early on (however, I would have concerns if he wasn’t.  Jay can be a whole lot and also pretty in your face) but now he has also noticed Piper and Dolce (Bella doesn’t stick around the littles long enough to be noticed).  He will turn your way when he is called and flash you a huge smile as soon as he sees you.

-Teething has started.  We have a randomly cranky boy (screams out of nowhere for no reason), he chews on anything that he can reach and we have tons of drool.  So, yes we are teething; we’re just hoping that he doesn’t take as long as Jay did to cut teeth.

-He has found his feet.  He doesn’t get them every time he tries but when he does he is pretty darn proud of himself for grabbing them.


-Bouncer chair.  While he is quickly outgrowing this chair he still enjoys it quite a bit and for that I am really glad!  It has saved me quite a few times when I have needed some place to put him.  We are looking into getting a bumbo, even though we think they are pretty silly looking, since he likes sitting up so much.

-Exersaucer.  He is a tad too small for this yet; however, he does enjoy it quite a bit and is wanting to stay in it for longer and longer periods of time.  The only challenge I have when he is in it is getting Jay to not spin it around and around.

-Tick tock.  I am pretty much guaranteed a huge smile and sometimes a laugh if I hold him up in the air and swing him back and forth like the pendulum on a clock while saying “tick, tock, tick, tock”.  It’s such a silly game but he loves it. (editor’s note: for the worried grandmothers, the pivot of the pendulum is his shoulders/neck, so his head stays relatively stationary during the tick tock)

-Nursery rhymes and silly songs.  He loves to be sung to (he isn’t as picky as his Daddy is about me staying on key) and loves when I swing his arms along with a song or a rhyme.  It’s can almost always get a smile out of him.  Some of his favorites are Patty-Cake, Do your Ears Hang Low?, and Tony Knows (Toe, Knee, Noes).

-Crinkle toys are his favorite although he does enjoy a few of his wooden HABA toys as well but the crinkle ones are his favorite.  He loves to grab them and smash them into his face and eat the ribbon tags on them.  Honestly, I love that these are his favorites since two out of the three that he has are ones that I made for him ;)

-Muslin Blankets.  He has really taken to the muslin blankets that he has.  They are super lightweight and very soft.  He loves to eat them, ball them up with his fists, kick them with his fists, curl up on them and fall asleep on them, suck on the edges- you name it he probably does it with these blankets.


-The only thing that comes to mind right now is he is not a huge fan of when Jay yells really loudly.  It’s a little too much for him (it usually startles him) and he is quick to cry after it happens.  However, other than that he is pretty much a wonderful baby so I don’t really have a long list of dislikes…

I guess that about sums him up at this age.  Enjoy the rest of the photos of this super sweet little one and although he smiles all of the time  face to face he usually makes funny faces at my camera so catching a really good Charlie smile can be hard to do.

usually the face I get from him when he first sees my camera- I know it's big but really!

not a fabulous photo since my camera strap is in it BUT you can see a pretty great Charlie smile if you look hard enough

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