Most everyone has an opinion on whether or not our boys look like each other- some say yes, some say no… does this help in making a decision?

Both sets of photos were taken when Jay and Charlie are 3 months old to the day. On a whim, I choose to put Charlie in the same outfit that I took Jay’s photos in and boy am I glad that I did- it has been so much fun to see the photos side by side! I only wish that Charlie had been a little more smily on the day of his photos… if he was I think the photos would have been even more similar!

4 thoughts on “brothers

  1. No question that they are brothers, but I do see differences. Charlie has larger eyes and a little difference in the shape of his face. The little differences are what make having siblings so interesting…we are after all, all unique. You are blessed!


  2. I loved the pictures and yes they do lok alike but also have their own very special looks. Both Jay and Charlie are handsome boys and well loved!!1


  3. How fun it will be to watch these two boys grow and see their similarities and differences. They are both beautiful boys that’s for sure!!


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