friday phone dump

Frequently these days I snap a photo on my phone (it is usually around and handy) and since some of them turn out to be simply adorable I thought that I might start sharing a few of them here… I can not take credit for the post title, I saw it on a few other blogs that I read, but it is indeed catchy ;)

1. hanging out with Daddy
2. me and the boys- our first day on our own
3. playtime reading with Mommy
4. coloring- “dot, dots” creatures
5. brothers
6. “what??”
7. bean sensory box- to occupy Jay Bird while Mommy makes dinner
8. sanity walk- one in the stroller, one in the carrier
9. playing on “his” iPod Touch while Mom and Dad finish dinner
10. making faces at his brother
11. snoozin’ (this boy loves his tummy)
12. snacks AND cars ;)
13. cheeks!!
14. car ride

One thought on “friday phone dump

  1. I can’t get over how big Charlie is getting right before our eyes! And Jay today was playing with the snacks and cars. He’d put the crackers in the tow truck then eat them. Such a sweet boy! Love them both.


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