halloween 2011

a monster says ROAR!!

This is probably the only good photo I got of Jay on Halloween since he was so busy and not too interested in posing for his Mommy.  However, I love it!!

We really had a Monster of a good time (sorry couldn’t help myself) this  year; it’s been so much fun especially since Jay is a little older and able to participate in the holiday activities.  I decided that it was time to let Jay help make and decorate some sugar cookies. I figured that it could be the biggest disaster ever or we could have a great time… It was the later ;)  He loved every minute of helping to pour in the ingredients (which he has done on multiple occasions while helping with other baking projects), mixing everything together, spreading the flour, rolling the dough, using the cookie cutters but I am sure that his favorite part of it all was decorating the cookies.  He spread icing on a few of them but sprinkles were by far the best part of the whole deal.  I am sure that he would have put a whole bottle on each of them if I would have let him.  The whole project honestly took twice as long to finish as it would have normally but every time I looked over and saw his little face I was reminded of how precious and totally worth it that “extra” time was.

taste testing
taste testing some more, don't worry I switched knifes after this...

not too big of a mess...

p.s. Aren’t his curls adorable right now??

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