pumpkin carving

Tonight Maggie and Josh came over and joined us in our pumpkin carving adventure- we didn’t carve pumpkins last year so it was Jay’s first time.  He was excited and kept saying “carve pumpkin” over and over again :)  Jay helped me to clean out all of the seeds before he headed to bed and Jamie designed and did the carving (it was getting late and I don’t think Jay would have sat for much of the carving).  It was fun and such a great end to our weekend.


the finished products- ours on the left, Maggie and Josh's on the right (sorry I didn't actually get a photo of the two of you, just your pumpkin)

One thought on “pumpkin carving

  1. Just saw the detail work with the name “Jay” on the branch. Last night on my cell phone it just looked like leaves on a branch. WOW, I’m impressed, Jamie! Happy Halloween. Of course I love the FSU one too!


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