sick kitty…

We have a sick kitty at our house… one that needed to be taken to the vet on Tuesday and while we hoped that he would be able to come home tonight that isn’t the case.  They will need to do further testing and an ultrasound to rule out other things and get him on his way to recovery.  So, if you are so inclined to pray for furry children, Dolce could use a few prayers and I think that we could too.  My heart has been pretty heavy the last few days and while he, Dolce, drives me nuts from time to time I can’t wait to have him come home.

The other animals are kind of lost right now without him, Bella especially (his pound kitty sister).  She keeps wandering around looking for him and meowing- it’s really sad…  Jay has noticed that something is up but isn’t quite sure and I am honestly glad that he is too young to understand.  He has however, been hamming it up the best he can to keep our spirits up.  Yesterday, aside from being a dancing fool he kept his crown (a pipe cleaner crown that I made to entertain him on the plane) on all day and hammed it up for the camera with his shades…

By the way, I am still working on Canada photos and will post soon as soon as I can :)

4 thoughts on “sick kitty…

  1. I certainly know what it is like to love our pets and be concerned about their well-being. Animals become so much a part of our family that it is painful to have something happen to them. I pray that Dolce will recover and come home to you all soon.


  2. So glad to see that Jay was helpful today and keeping it silly! Praying that Dolce will recover and return to his happy home! Wishing you well.


  3. I have two comments about this post …. 1) most importantly I’m really pulling for Dolce to recover and come home. He’s the epitome of sweetness … as his name indicates … love that kitty sooooo much!! Challenging, yes … but he’s so loving and really the tummy troubles are not his fault.

    2) What is Jay wearing??? I can’t ever remember seeing him wear a one-z …. he’s usually in shorts & shirt, or PJ’s or just a diaper, this is a really different look for Jay … of course the crown tops it off ! So cute :)


  4. Aunt Holly, I got him that onsie! I think it was went Kristen was still pregnant. I can’t believe he is just now fitting into it!

    Kristen, I am sending positive thoughts into the universe for Dolce. We all love that cat!


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