a little bragging

I just wanted to take a minute and say how proud I am of my little cousin, Devon.  First of all let me clarify “little” with “younger”; Devon is by no means little anymore, in fact he towers over me standing at over 6 feet tall now.  Regardless, this post is not to discuss height, mine or his, but rather the fact that he was just signed with Prince George Cougars!!!!  For those of you non-hockey fans (ie- non Canadians) the Cougars are a WHL (Western Hockey League) team which is one step down from the NHL (the NFL equivalent again for those of you that are still clueless).  He is 16 years old and has just signed with a semi-pro team- yup, he’s a stud! Congrats Devon; we are super proud of you!!!

Here’s a few photographs from a recent Cougars pre-season game, courtesy of my Mom’s boyfriend.  Unfortunately, although the game was played while we were in Canada, it was a little to far for a day trip with Jay so we didn’t get to see him play.  However, if he signs with the NHL you can bet that I will be at the next game within driving distance to see him play!

not a super great photo, especially because of the plexiglass, but you can see his name on his jersey and you get the general point
a view without the helmet

5 thoughts on “a little bragging

  1. When he’s in the NHL, Mark and I will go with you to see him play vs the Tampa Bay Lightning … AND let’s spring for good seats :) We’ve been there once in the nose bleed section – scary steep!


    1. He really is all grown up Erica- it’s hard to believe!! Actually, now that I think of it Jay is probably around the same age Riley was when you visited everyone up there with us. Now that’s hard to believe too!


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