Lately it feels as though Jay is growing up before my eyes.  Each and every time I look at him I see more of a little boy and less of my little baby… I know that this is going to happen but this has a way of playing with my already surging pregnancy emotions if you know what I mean.  So lately I have loved most things that remind me that he’s still my little baby and his footy pajamas are no exception.  They bring me back to his tiny days… the days when he wasn’t running all around the house, the days where he couldn’t speak three word sentences to me and the days in which he had no opinions on the cup he drank his juice from…

They are precious but then again so is he :)

2 thoughts on “jammies…

  1. The “hand on the shoulder” seems to be a pose for him! He had a similar stance in the pink high heel picture. It is amazing how even his little face is changing into that of a little boy. I love him so much!


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