Our mornings usually look something like this…

Jay getting up and being changed

Jay walking to the kitchen and asking for his juice (which he may or may not specify to be in his “neen”- Lightening McQueen- cup)

Jay helping me to put a waffle in the toaster and pushing the button for it to start

choosing his fork after I give him a few color choices- btw, he his favorite is the pink one ;)

feeding Piper (his morning chore)

playing a bit with cars- if there’s time before the toaster beeps

announcing to me that the toaster has beeped as if I didn’t hear it myself- “beep, beep Mommy, beep, beep”

then breakfast- he eats and I eat…  He concentrates really hard on using his fork all by himself, I marvel at how fast he is growing up…  I tickle his toes from beneath his tray, he giggles and pulls them away from me…   We smile at each other but don’t say much… it’s perfect and wonderful; not a wonder it’s the most important meal of the day…

his excited face as of late, it's precious and I love it ;)


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