Come November I will be out numbered 3 to 1; I will be surrounded by boys and loving every minute of it!!  Last Wednesday, Jamie and I ventured into the OB’s office curious to see what November would bring.  We left knowing that our house would be filled with more blue, more cars and a new baby brother!!  Yes indeedy- we are having another BOY!!

We shared the news with our families on Thursday with a pink or blue party- having everyone come either dressed in pink or blue depending on their predictions.  The girl group far out numbered the boy group but regardless of their predictions no one left disappointed- a happy (he bounced all over my tummy during the ultrasound and continues to do so) and healthy little boy will be added to the family. How blessed are we?

the pink group- Grandpa and Uncle Mark both have pink tags on their shirts ;)
the blue group- and yes both Jamie and I really thought that it was going to be a boy, Jay was blue by default (the kid doesn't own any pink)
My adorable sisters-in-law (and future brother-in-law) were so cute and sent their photos in ahead of time so they could be included too! You can see people holding their "puppets" in the above group photos :)
It's a boy dessert to follow the pizza- homemade ice cream sandwiches with Blue Sprinkles

And because I think this little one is already pretty adorable- here HE is (sorry for the poor quality iPhone photo)!!

2 thoughts on “brothers…

  1. Now if only we knew his NAME!! I imagine your house will also have more balls, dinosaurs, trucks, legos and maybe even frogs! Can’t wait to meet him in LATE November. He has a wedding to attend (snuggled up inside) first!! Love his profile picture. <3


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