one year ago yesterday…

We stood in Saint Margaret Mary Church in Winter Park surrounded by family and a few dear friends watching as our little Jay Bird was baptized.  It was a wonderful day (I can still smell the oil that they used on Jay if I stop to think about it) and I am so thankful that we had so many people there to share it with…

These are a few of the photos from the day that I never got around to actually sharing.  My favorites are still by far the few that I snapped as we were getting Jay dressed and the few that Jamie and I got after everyone had left after the open house…

probably my favorite from the day- he looks like such a little angel in this one to me, I also love proud Daddy's face looking on

one with his God parents (Nan Knight and Chuck Perreault) and us
everyone who celebrated with us- yes that is all family aside from Nan
The baptismal gown by itself since we didn't get a really good shot inside the church of the whole gown. This gown was worn by Jamie's grandmother (Memere) and almost every Perreault child and grandchild. It was so very special to us that Jay got to wear it too.

We are so blessed…

One thought on “one year ago yesterday…

  1. It was wonderful having so many family members there to celebrate Jay’s baptism! He looked like an angel in the beautiful gown.


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