first haircut

It’s photos like this,


yes, he got his hair from me (one of the many reasons that we knew the curls would not disappear when they were cut)

and especially this one…

one day before his haircut- believe it or not I did try to tame it this day

that made it really hard to ignore the fact that my little Jay Bird was in desperate need of his first haircut.  That and the fact that I  could no longer tame it with comb and a little water.  Knowing that his curls would not disappear (like so many people said they would) Jamie and I decided to bite the bullet when Aunt Holly opened the barber shop and to get it cut.  Bribed with a few jelly beans to sit still and sitting in his booster chair on top of an Outburst box he was transformed into a little boy… thanks Aunt Holly (the great) for the great new do!

checking out the tools
bribery at it's finest (that's Jamie's hand with the jelly bean in the bottom right corner)

"that tickles"
excited about his new look

I don’t have any great after shots- sorry; however, some of the most recent photos that have been posted show off the new do.  Check them out to see his handsome little self  :)

3 thoughts on “first haircut

  1. I especially like the picture of Jay the “day before” … so cute with those curls! Thanks for entrusting the first haircut to me. I’m glad that I didn’t get the text you sent so that it was a complete surprise when you walked in the house.


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