a berry good weekend

I know that it’s already Tuesday but I can’t help but share at least part of our “berry” good weekend with you all!  Jamie took Friday off (yippee for a long weekend) so we had a ton of great time together.  We went to the zoo (more on that later), picked a ton of fresh strawberries and honestly just relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

Saturday we went in search of the Oviedo farmers market; we have been going to the Winter Park farmers market pretty regularly but wanted to try something different this week.  We had directions, we had a location but we still weren’t able to find it.  We ended up at what appeared to be a farm but there certainly wasn’t any market there.  So a little diappointed but not defeated we chalked the farmers market up to a loss and headed onto plan B- strawberries from Pappy’s Patch!!  There is a pick-your-own strawberry (and blueberries, although they aren’t quite in season) patch located in Oviedo that I have been wanting to try and since we were close we decided to go for it.  Man am I sure glad that plan A was a bust!!  It meant that we got to take home this-

and that our house smelled like fresh, sweet strawberries all day long!  It was so much fun we are planning another trip for Friday (Jamie has the day off again- yippee).  Honestly, if you are close by pack up your kiddos (if you have them, if you don’t that just means more for you) and run not walk there…

Jay loved helping us “pick” the berries.  Although, he wasn’t quite on board with the pick and put in the box concept; he was more of a pick-and-eat kind of guy if you know what I mean.  He picked what he could and if he couldn’t get the strawberry off of the bush he just bit it right off- he’s nothing if not resourceful!!  We paid for extra when we were leaving since I am sure he consummed close to a pound while we were picking (check out his shirt if you want proof,  his white shirt was the only downside to this not being a planned outing).

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