pure sweetness

This little one has been pure sweetness lately… cuddling frequently, lovin’ on the animals,

begging to be outside enjoying the weather,

first time playing in the sprinkler- yes, it has been warm enough to this here for weeks

communicating in Jay speak with us, playing with everything,

making us laugh and toddling around like a drunken sailor- although he is getting really steady so the drunken part is disappearing fast!

We have been super busy- we have been finishing up taxes, preparing for good times with friends, spring cleaning, reorganizing and purging the house of all things unnecessary.

We’ve been outside working in the yard

and amazing ourselves with our accomplishments in the garden.

helping to prune the dill (weed) plant

Just trying to keep up with the laundry and the day to day stuff has been like trying to keep my head above water.

Jay pitches in from time to time

However, do not misunderstand… things have been wonderful!

We’ve been enjoying time together as a family, checking things off of our lists left and right and the best part…reveling in all things Jay Bird. He is the light of our world and each day with him is amazing!  He high fives now, does “so big”,

will show you his nose (kind of), signs “more”

and “finished” and does things just to make you laugh.  He blows raspberries on tummies, helps to empty grocery bags,

brings book after book after book to you then climbs into your lap so you will read to him.

He talks on the phone all of  the time now

(it’s an old phone that we had hanging around that he LOVES to hold up to his ear and “talk” on).  He has turned into a cookie monster and gets excited when he hears the oven timer ring, regardless of what is in it.

He walks everywhere and nowhere in particular all the time-

he walks in circles around the house just because he can…  it’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s been pure bliss.

So please excuse our absence here we’ve been a little busy enjoying the here and now ;-)

4 thoughts on “pure sweetness

  1. Wow. Thank you so much for this post! I’m sorry that I am missing the drunken sailor stage, but I’m sure he’ll still be walking in circles when I get there. Your photos really do tell a wonderful story. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon!


  2. Jay is truely a blessing each and every day to all of his family! Grandmom loves Jay very much!!! It is so much fun to watch and see him grow up. I love to watch him trying to figure out how things work. Thanks for sharing Jay and all of his wonderful kid adventures. Love you guys!


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