one year old in a flash

On the 27th of January Jay turned one year old!  It is crazy to think of how much our lives have changed over the past year and to see how much Jay has grown.  We didn’t want to let this momentous occasion pass us by so we celebrated in style with a “One Year Old in a Flash” birthday party.  I was super excited a few months back when I ran across the theme idea here– with all of the pictures that we had taken of Jay this year, it was a perfect theme!  Jamie and I decided quite early on that we were going to have one combined (family and friends) party for Jay; so once I had a theme I just kind of ran with it.  I loved every minute of the planning, baking and prep- it’s just so much fun!  I know, I am a dork!

Nan (who is wonderful) made the invitations along with a bunch of other digital files that I used to make printables and help decorate the house- thanks Nan!  We had a photobooth set up outside (I’ll try to get some of those pictures up within the week) to entertain people at the party, balloons in every corner of the house (one of Jay’s favorite “toys” right now), an area for people to leave contributions to his time capsule, drinks in the kitchen and a dessert buffet for our guests to enjoy.  It was so much fun and we are so glad that we had so many people here to celebrate with us.  Enjoy a handful of the pictures!

pre-party lunch

a few party goers- I didn’t have enough time to get anywhere near everyone documented!

the birthday boy waiting his turn for the photo booth
Jay's "cakes"- one vanilla bean cupcake and a fruit pizza topped with kiwi and blueberries
making a wish

a family picture

some of his spectators

fruit pizza time!
walkin' like a big boy
presents- he was spoiled rotten!

I will post some of the details tomorrow- there was no way I could get all of the pictures into one post!

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