a few steps

Just over the last few days Jay has taken multiple steps on his own.  More often than not I think that he forgets what he is doing and takes them without even thinking.  He is usually “walking” towards one of the animals or to get a phone or other electronic device he shouldn’t have.  Occasionally, he will take a few steps to either me or Jamie; which I love- it’s great to have him walk to you!

Last weekend when he was playing with Piper I accidentally got a few of those steps on tape.  Yippee for cool accidents :-) He was super excited to be playing with Piper, although I am not sure that Piper thinks it was too great since he just hands her the toy but he LOVED it. The first clip (towards the end) shows him taking a few steps, the second shows just a few more before Piper gets too excited to let him take anymore and in the last clip he is too excited to walk at all- it’s still adorable though.  Enjoy!

p.s. sorry for the background laughing in the video, just can’t help myself!

Jay really loved seeing himself and Piper playing on the camera after it had been video taped.  He heard the voices from across the room after I started playing it back, crawled up into my lap and watched fascinated until he had seen all of them.

the curious little boy

3 thoughts on “a few steps

  1. wow what an awesome video!! it definitely made me gasp and laugh :) he is so cute and sweet! I love how he actually gives you the object instead of just “sharing the enjoyment” lol :)


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