breaking news

steps have been taken!!

We certainly do not have a full on walker by any means but our little Jay Bird has spread his wings and taken his first few steps! I still continue to think that he won’t really and truly walk until he is really sure he can- he is a very deliberate little boy, just like his Daddy, but we are excited none the less AND Daddy was home to see them too!  I don’t have any pictures to show for it.  We instead were simply enjoying the moment with him; but, I do have this super cute video to share instead.  It has a little bit of everything from the last few weeks.  A little laughing, a little playing with Daddy, a little dancing and a little bit of “old man” walker action.  He was so tickled that he could push Aunt Martha’s old stool around the office- check out that proud grin!

Love, love, love this little boy!

3 thoughts on “breaking news

  1. love this video!!!!!!!!! couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the party horn!!!!!!!!!! keep enjoying your babee such a good momma!!! love you!!!


  2. I love the video clips. It is fun hearing him laugh like that!! I can’t wait to see his little baby steps! Can’t believe he is 1 year old tomorrow!!!


  3. oh my goodness. I feel like if i’m ever sad i can watch that video :) oh that made me smile! that is so amazing that he’s walking with that stool!! So cute!! Wow his laugh is just too funny!! :) can’t wait to see him this saturday for his birthday party!! <3


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