beary chilly out…

It has been rather chilly in “Sunny Florida” lately.   I know that it does not compare to the temps in Canada, New York, Asheville, Indianapolis or any other chilly place our readers may reside; however, lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s and 60’s is pretty notable for us.  Especially, given that it is only December and we don’t invest very much money into warm weather wear since we only get to drag it from the depths of our closets 2 or 3 times a year or when we vacation.  I always think it is so funny to see what Floridians wear on the coldest days.  It seems to me that they pull every warm thing that they own- matching or not, straight out of the 80’s or not-  out of their closets and put it ALL on at once!!  It’s funny and I could go on and on about it but then I wouldn’t get to show you my cute polar bear nearly as soon as I would like and that would be a shame, so we’re moving on…

My Mom came over the other day with an adorable bear hat and mittens to protect our sweet little boy’s noggin and tiny fingers from the chill.  I mean, it would be tragic (and I think I might have gone crazy being cooped-up) if we couldn’t go outside or take wagon rides because of the cold.  However, you can let out a sigh of relief… tragedy has been averted and I have some adorable (yes I can say that) pictures to prove it!

Enjoy and stay warm :-)

Jay Bear :-)
Mom- giver of the hat
one happy little Jay Bear
crawling in the flower bed, although if you squint maybe it could look like snow ;-)

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