turkey thursday

Well, not quite but almost… which in itself freaks me out!  How can Thanksgiving only be 2 weeks away!?!  But I digress…

Check out these adorable (if I do say so myself) bows that I made for Jamie’s cousins in Charleston.  I fell in love with the idea when I came across it online a few weeks ago and just had, had, had to make them!  They were super easy and didn’t take long at all- if you have a little girl they are, in my opinion, a must for Thanksgiving day apparel :-)  I will be shipping the package out in the mail today for them (I addressed it to the girls)- I remember how I loved to get mail when I was little, heck I still love getting packages in the mail!

Oh yeah, I can’t remember where I saw the original idea or I would give that person the credit but I figured out how to make the bows here.

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