play date

this is Eli

He and his Mommy, Whitney, invited us over today to play.  It was a very nice treat to get out of the house and hang out somewhere different for a change.  The boys enjoyed playing “together” or at least playing in the same room together.  It is so fun to watch them interact at this age.

Most of the playing looked like this…

and this…

and sometimes they just crawled over each other…

I did pull out my camera a little before we left to grab a few photos- since that is what I do.  When I did Eli was really intrigued by the large black thing that I kept pointing in his face (guess he isn’t as used to it as Jay is).  Isn’t he cute?

He really wanted to have my camera. Notice my child in the background playing with a cord-like object- figures...

adorable big eyes!

Regardless of how the kiddos played it was a really nice treat to get out the house, play with someone else’s toys and have adult conversation.  We are looking forward to being able to do it again Whitney;  thanks for having us!

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