hi, my name’s kristen and

I am a recovering perfectionist…

There I said it, it’s out on blog land and more importantly I have admitted it to myself.  Lately, I have struggled with finding time- the time to cook, clean, be the “perfect” mother, “perfect” wife, maintain and build new friendships and also throw a few minutes in for myself to sit back relax and enjoy some of the things that I like doing.  Sounds like a great plan, right?  Check everything off your to-do list, enjoy and have a perfect day with the kiddo, have dinner on the table for Dad when he gets home- heck throw in some candles and wine and call it a date with Dad after said kiddo is in bed!  That’s one nice day isn’t it??  Ha!  I am going to burst bubbles here folks so if you would like yours to stay intact stop reading and just go back and look at our incredibly cute Jay Bird here.  But here goes- that isn’t possible, it won’t happen and gasp… that’s okay…

Honestly, it has taken me a good 9 months to come to the realization (one that I am still working on daily) that I don’t have it all together and that with a kiddo to run after daily I can’t and won’t have it all together- ever.  So I reluctantly have started to embrace the craziness that is our life right now with the piles of stuff gathering on every open surface, the laundry that has been in the dryer since yesterday waiting to be folded, the half dozen pictures that I have taken but haven’t looked at yet, the dozen or so projects I have started but have yet to finish and the to-do list on my fridge that was written with good intentions but that I won’t get to today…

This is my life right now and well I love it for all its craziness, its quirks and most importantly its blessings… of which I have so many…  I am pretty sure that I can’t sum up my life any more perfectly than the sign in our kitchen right now does- “We may not have it all together but together we have it all.”

I certainly hope that you all take a few minutes today to appreciate all the blessings that you have in your life right now, whether they are four legged and furry, toddling and babbling or understanding and accepting you even before you understand yourself. Go right now- hug them just a little longer than normal, tell them that you love them and mean it with every ounce of your being. Go, do it for me…

because all posts are better with picture- especially if it includes these two :-)

3 thoughts on “hi, my name’s kristen and

  1. Welcome to the real world of motherhood. I too have several unfinished projects hanging over my head! They will get done eventually or they won’t. But that’s OK!! Keep enjoying your time at home with Jay and Jamie!!


  2. The most important blessings in life are family and your health. Everything else will follow through at the right time. I am most proud of you for the wonderful Mommy that you are to Jay and the awesome wife that Jamie gets to share his life with. Just enjoy each and every moment of everyday and keep life simple!! Love you!!


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