look what I can do!

I am seriously in trouble now- Jay is crawling!!!!  Forget being able to set him in one place and know that he will stay there, forget thinking that we should baby proof the house- heck, we NEED to now; this kids on the move!!

For a few weeks now he has been army crawling (putting his arms out in front of him and dragging his behind afterward) around the house to get wherever and whatever he wants.  Jamie and I kept thinking that “real” crawling was right around the corner and we were right.  Over the weekend he decided to give up on the military and go for the full out crawl!  Both Jamie and I were home to witness this milestone making it that much more fun.  It has been so wonderful and amazing to watch this whole learning process- first learning to reach and roll, to sitting and flopping down on his belly, then the army crawl to finally full out crawling.  He still is primarily army crawling as of right now, it gets him where he wants to go much faster since coordination of arms and legs hasn’t quite been mastered yet, but I am sure it won’t be long until this is his preferred method of transportation.  And while I love watching him discover new tricks I am unsure of just what he will try to “discover” now given his new found freedom- all I know is that I am sure he will give me a run for my money!

Here’s a short clip of the real crawl- I only got a bit of it on video.  Jamie and I were too busy watching him the first few times to think of grabbing a camera and then when I did he didn’t really want to cooperate.  Oh well, enjoy what’s here and know that we are one very proud Mommy and Daddy…

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