the library

Yesterday Jay and I packed up in the morning before his first nap (this was either going to work out really well or turn out horribly for me- I chose to believe the first option and went with it) and headed to the library for story time.  Turns out that story time doesn’t start until next week however we enjoyed our time anyway.  There were two other little kids, both at least a year older than Jay, who were running around playing and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them.  He watched them so intently only occasionally pausing to look at a few pages of a book that I was holding.  While we were there we filled our bag with a handful of stories for the week, got some information about story time, read a few of stories, watched some kids play and then I headed home with a tired little boy in tow… Definitely would say it was a success and the two hour plus nap that Jay took when we got home was an added bonus!

The only “complaint” I have and I really hesitate to even call it that, is that there were so many picture books I didn’t know where to start!  Any suggestions here would be more than welcomed :-)

yes, those are Bill Peet books- he loves them and his Daddy is so happy about that

3 thoughts on “the library

  1. What’s not to love with Bill Peet? His stories are funny (and teach a lesson) and the illustrations are great! So happy that you are passing down the love of reading to Jay Bird!!


  2. Right now we love anything Eric Carle, Laura Numeroff (the If you give a Mouse series), Janell Cannon (Stellaluna & Verdi) and the How do Dinosaurs series by Jane Yolan.


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