Last Thursday Jay’s first tooth finally popped through the gum and made it’s appearance.  Jamie didn’t believe me that it was actually through the gum until I showed him the mark Jay had accidentally left on my finger and made him feel for himself! Jay has been working on them for a few weeks now, bless his heart.  This means that you can tell they occasionally bother him, although he hasn’t been super fussy, and sleeping in general has been a little less predictable (sometimes he naps wonderfully, sometimes he doesn’t/ sometimes he sleeps through the night, sometimes not so much).  All in all it hasn’t been a horrible experience aside from knowing that he is hurting.  He is working on one more, the bottom front right one, and I hope it will make it’s appearance either before or sometime during this weekend and then maybe the little guy can catch a break for awhile.  Until then, cold teethers and ice cubes are our friends :-)

He also really likes for us to brush his teeth with the baby tooth brush that I bought.  I am sure that it just feels really good on those gums…

check out how long those red locks are getting!
isn't he sweet? so darling and such a good boy!

I’ll be sure to post a picture as soon as I am able to get one; not sure how soon that will be- he’s pretty guarded about them right now.

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