today i am…

a whopping 5 months old!

It seems as though a ton of things have changed with our little Jay Bird during the last month; he is not our little baby anymore but instead he is turning into a little boy.  I am sad about this and feel certain that I will cry when he turns 6 months old, half a year- no way this Mama is ready for that, but I must say I have been really enjoying this age.  Everything is new, everything is fun and by golly it is all beyond adorable!

Some things we’re doing:

*Sitting up!  Jay has been sitting up on his own for more than just a second for about the last week or so.  He loves to sit between my legs and play with his giraffe toy.  I have pictures that I will post when I get room on my drive to download them.

*The general consensus is that anything I have he wants and must have too.  He will grab for anything that is in your hand, especially for cups and electronics (phones, iPods etc).

*After he acquires the object in your hands it goes directly to the mouth.  Seriously, anything and everything has a one-way ticket to his mouth!  I am sure that this can’t be good for the electronics…

*His feet, aside from his giraffe, are probably his favorite toy.  He eats them, spends time “catching” them and then when he does he goes right into the happy baby yoga pose.  Simply adorable and there are pictures for this too… darn drive!

*He takes his Pacie in and out on his own, he has even gotten good at putting back in the correct way- for awhile it always ended up in there backwards.

*He has begun to play on his own for a while; either on his alphabet mat or in his exersaucer

*We have been talking like crazy!  Occasionally at dinner time Jamie and I can’t even get a word in edgewise because our chatter box is stealing the conversation…

*We have gotten pretty darn ticklish lately- feet, neck, armpits- you name it.

*Jay’s napping has gotten better, for the most part.  He usually takes two pretty good naps a day which has been really nice for Mommy- I am finally able to get a few things done here and there.

*In general he is a very happy little boy.  He smiles at most people (strangers too, we are going to work on this) and loves to laugh and play.


Books- he loves to sit and look at the pictures while being read to.  Jamie and I are excited about this because gosh darn-it he will like to read!

People watching- he gets this from his Mama… he watches everything that goes on around him and doesn’t miss a beat!

Bath Time- he has been playing and splashing around like crazy during bath time and catching the plastic sea animals that float his way

Swimming- it’s like a big bath where he can people watch, enough said.

Piper and the Kitties too- He has really noticed the animals around the house and started to watch and pet them if they are close enough; he mostly pays attention to Piper but that is most likely because she is too big to miss.  All three of them have been really good with him, I just dread the day when he pulls a kitty tail a little too hard!

Mama’s Singing- this is an acquired taste (ask Jamie if you don’t believe me) but without fail it can always get a smile and stop his fussing.

Silly Daddy Faces- these never fail to get a reaction and when you combine them with Silly Daddy noises you are almost guaranteed to get a full belly laugh out of him!


Fortunately I can’t really think of anything to list here, aside from the car which has improved leaps and bounds since last month and is nothing new.  It really seems as though he likes everything and really everyone; yes we are blessed!

I didn’t think to weigh him or measure him before he went to bed tonight so I will have to update on those tidbits of info soon…

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