the trip home

Here’s another flashback for ya…

These pictures are from when we were packing up at the hospital and heading home as a family of three for the first time.  I had brought one of my favorite outfits (the roots outfit that my Grandma and Auntie Deb gave us) for Jay to go home from the hospital in; however there wasn’t even a prayers chance that he would have fit into it!  As it is, the blue monkey outfit that he wore home was swallowing him whole and it was a newborn onesie!  I love his little squishy faces in some of these pictures- so cute.  I can still hear the little noises that he used to make, man he didn’t make those for long…

all ready to head home
my guys at the hospital waiting to leave

so squishy- before his cheeks filled with nuts
Mommy and Jay- home sweet home!

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