sleeping like a baby

A few weeks ago I needed to put Jay down so I could wash my face and well just get ready in the morning.  So I put him on the bed on top of his play mat and while he fussed (half heartedly) for a little bit I returned to find this…

He was sleeping like a baby all sprawled out and angelic looking.  You must understand that other than in the evenings this was the longest time that Jay had ever slept/napped on his own (not being held) since coming into this world.  I was ecstatic!!  It lasted only 25 minutes but those 25 minutes were heaven sent!  Not only did it mean that he was capable of sleeping on his own, it meant that I would eventually be able to get some things done around the house and maybe even go to the bathroom on my own; it meant that napping was a possibility- woohoo!!  Since then, Jamie and I have purchased the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child (recommended by some seasoned parents- thanks Chuck and Jenn) and have been trying out some of its advice.  The advice that tells you to let them cry, themselves to sleep- I hate it, it’s horrible!!  It is all I can do to stand around and listen to his wails on the monitor.  I anxiously count down the minutes until I am “allowed” to go in and soothe him again.

Piper has been funny about the whole napping thing.  She normally follows me around everywhere I go during the day; this can be troublesome when she is so close that I almost trip over her but in general I love it.  A few days ago I left Jay in his cradle to fall asleep (cry) and when I called for Piper to come with me she wouldn’t budge!  She stayed with Jay the whole time while he was crying and through his nap (15 minutes) afterward.  She is such a sweet girl…

We (mainly I) have relapsed a few times and let him sleep on us either when we are out and can not put him down or when it’s easier not to.  Sometimes he is just too darn cute to put down.  Seriously, I could cuddle with this kid all day long if he would let me… that and I can’t bare to hear his screams when I do put him down.  That being said, cross your fingers and say a prayer that I can make it through this “training” otherwise I will have to invent a contraption that holds sleeping teenagers…

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4 thoughts on “sleeping like a baby

  1. Ah the sleeping. I remember the first time Leyton slept without being held too- it is a big victory. We also read that book- it makes so much sense. It is hard to hear them cry, but to have a baby that you can put down awake and have them put themselves to sleep will make life so much easier.


  2. I agree with Nan…ah sleep training! I will openly admit that I just, maybe 2 weeks ago put Madison in her crib awake…I know…she’s 15 months! She now falls asleep on her own and its such an easy process. Madison has always been the queen of sleep unless she is teething and is so uncomfortable that she’s up all night! (Who can blame her)Like you I LOVE to cuddle, rock her, sing to her, etc…it was totally a ME thing that I couldnt give up. Needless to say Madison’s sister or brother will learn this “fall asleep on your own” lesson much earlier than she did. Just remember this, they wont let us hold and cuddle them when they are 16 let alone 5 years old, even if we cant ever find time to shower! Good Luck and Enjoy!


  3. That is by far the best book ever. We refer to it as the sleep bible. Trust me when I say your 2nd child will learn to fall asleep unassisted WAY quicker than the first did! :)


  4. I love the bit about Piper sleeping with Jay! She was worried about him. That is sweet of her to stay with Jay while you are being strong and letting him cry.


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