party fools!

Sunday was a special day in the Perreault Household- on Sunday, Piper turned 3 years old!!  That’s huge, in puppy-dog-years she is 21 and can now purchase her own drinks.  Not that she would, I am just saying…

Jay wanted to celebrate, celebrate in style- hats were a necessity!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

On a side note- Jamie, Jay and I went for our first picnic together that afternoon.  Jay ate before we left and in the car at the park (yippee for the portability of breast feeding) and Jamie and I were able to spread the blanket out long enough (just long enough) to quickly eat our sandwiches under the shade of a tree.  This is counted as a success in my book- progress is being made in our house since we can actually get out of the house now!  We were also able to walk around the garden (Mead Gardens) and boardwalk while we were there- glorious, just glorious!!

my boys at Mead Gardens
we got Jay a cool hat kind of like his Daddy's- we want to keep the sun off of that sweet head of his!
photo op during our walk on the boardwalk- such pretty weeds behind them

snoozin' during the walk
some pretty flowers that we saw on our walk- I don't know what it is, could be a weed for all I know
Jay during our picnic
another one from the picnic

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