thanks for visiting

Over the weekend both of Jamie’s sisters were in town.  Nicole flew in from Asheville and Holly drove down from Tallahassee; Jay really enjoyed both of his Aunts being in town and great to have them both here.  This trip was the first time for Jay to meet his Aunt Nicole and I think that they were pretty smitten with each other, check out the pictures below.  We celebrated birthdays, played games and just really enjoyed everyone being around while they were here- cannot wait until they can come back!!

Mimi is not from out of town but we think that this is too good of a picture not to share :-)
making silly faces

3 thoughts on “thanks for visiting

  1. I loved meeting Jay Bird. I’ve been telling everyone at work that he is the cutest baby in the world. They look at me with a look that says, “sure, of course he is” and I say, “no. you don’t understand, he really is the cutest baby in the world!” I can’t wait to come back and spend more time with him.


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