four Perreault generations

Photo Date: February 2, 2010
Jay is 6 days old
Photo Location: Home

Before Jay was born, I asked my dad if he would be Jay’s Pépère. Growing up, I had a Pépère and wanted my son to have the same. For those unaware, Pépère is the French word for Grandpa

Since my mom wants to be Mimi, my Mémère will remain simply Mémère. We won’t use the French term for Great Grandma

Mémère and Jay
Pépère, Mémère, Jamie, and Jay
Jamie and his Pépère, November 22, 2007

2 thoughts on “four Perreault generations

  1. It’s wonderful having the past and the future represented in the family. Very excited to have 4 generations!! Love the pictures!


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