Really Cool New Toy!

Yesterday, I was so fed up with my palm pilot that I just about threw it across the room.  This time of year is CRAZY for me and I need to be able to depend on something to keep me organized.  Needless to say, my palm has been anything but organized  lately!  I have missed dates, I haven’t gotten reminders and well it has just added to my stress level.  Jamie and I have been looking at the iPod touch as a replacement for my palm for quite some time, so when I was ready to heave it across the room yesterday we caved and decided to go look at them in an apple store.

Well, I am sure you can see where this is going.  We went to the store and of course we came home with an 16GB iPod touch (happy early Christmas to me).  It is soooo cool!!  I feel like I should be in the in group at school or something because I have the newest coolest toy, it really is the “funnest iPod ever”.  Today, we were walking with Piper and all I wanted to do was to go home and play with my new toy.  I even had to “make a deal” with myself as to how much work I would have to do today before I could play on it.  I finished the 4 stacks of grading that I had to do, so I get to play now.  The only disappointing thing in this whole venture is that I have bumped up an age bracket.  When registering it online I had to check the 25-34 year old box.  Man-o-man did that make me feel old… but it’s okay- I may be old but I have a really cool new toy.

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