patriotic parade 2013

Today at Jay’s school they had a patriotic parade, complete with festive hats, flags (for some of the classes), hand-painted shirts and then a “parade” of firetrucks and police cars. It was a crazy madehouse of an event with parents everywhere taking photos and kids looking everywhere but it was adorable beyond words and I can’t wait until the next event with MSEE. God Bless those teachers for wrangling all of those kiddos and loving them while they are away from us. Every event/experience that we have with Jay at MSEE further confirms that it is the perfect school for him (us) and right where we need to be right now.

the parade

so happy to be in the parade

waiting for the action

the weeoo- weeoo

sweet brothers watching the parade
spectator Luc

cool kid Charlie

happy parade participant

The next few are a series of group shots (on Wednesday his class has more students in it, normally there are only 13 students between the two teachers in his class) in all of their 3/4 year old glory- not looking, not smiling, crying etc and yes Jay seems to be the only kid that looked, and for the most part smiled, for all of the photos. He is such a Hambone!
group pictures

group photo

group shot

group shot