today i am…

a whopping 9 months old!!

Okay so this post is better late than never I suppose… here’s the update on our precious little 9 month old!!

It’s official, my tiny baby is gone!  Charlie is growing like a bad weed and learning something new literally every day!  It’s crazy to think that 9 months have gone by already, but what a blessed and fun 9 months it has been!


Weight-19 1/4 pounds
Height- 27 1/2inches
Teeth- still NONE!!!  Which is crazy, especially since Jay had 6 by 9 months.  However, the little guys has been pretty grumpy and ran a fever (a low one) a few days ago so I have my fingers crossed that they are coming soon.

Things of Note-

*Sleeping- Charlie is still sleeping like a champ.  He goes to bed between 7 and 8 every night and usually sleeps until about 7 or 8 in the morning without so much as a peep during the night.  His naps are  a little less predictable although still pretty good.  Frequently he will sleep for 1-2 hours (sometimes 3)in the morning and then do that again in the afternoon.  The only time I have trouble with him is if we are not home, he likes to sleep in his bed and not the car, or if a certain older brother wants to be super loud during his morning naps :(

*On the move-  Charlie gave up the slow and steady crawl and is full on trucking now.  If little guy wants something he makes a mad dash for it and figures that nothing is stopping him.  He will also speed up if Jay is following him or if you get close to him to pick him up and when you do grab him he usually smiles and giggles at you- silly boy.

*Cruising-  He is not only pulling up but cruising the furniture now.  Jay is not a huge fan of his “safe” couch being within limits now; however, Charlie enjoys being about to grab more things that he would like.  He also loves walking behind his push lion.  He stops from time to time to dance to the music but LOVES the fact that he can push it along on his own.

*Eating-  We have gotten over the picky eater stage as long as we are talking about food that he can put in his mouth himself.  This little guy can eat and will eat pretty much anything that he can put him his own mouth.  He does have his favorites, mini club crackers, cheese, Mommy’s homemade Mac and Cheese, but is not all that picky about food anymore.  When it comes to fruit and veggie purees he does have his opinions though- he likes them cold and carrots are still at the top of his list.

*”Yay Charlie!”-  He doesn’t wave or clap yet but he does do “Yay Charlie!” which is basically “so big” with one hand.  He pumps one fist above his head when you say “yay Charlie” and is so proud of himself for doing so.  By the way, Mommy really loves this trick and will say “Yay Charlie” frequently throughout the day just because it makes her smile.


*Peek-a-boo.  This is probably Charlie’s favorite game and one that will guarantee giggles, especially if he is playing with Daddy after bath time.  He loves to pull the towel off of his head and have Jamie say a big “peek-a-boo” which is usually followed by some raspberries and lots of giggles.

*Bath time-  Charlie LOVES his bath these days and along with that hates getting out.  During the day (unless the door is kept closed) he makes a beeline for the bathroom and just stands up at the tub banging on it and smiling.  I think he is hoping that someone will put him in it.  And at night he loves to play in there with Jay and if he would stay on his bottom I am sure that Daddy would let him play in there as long as he wanted.

*Music Table-  The music table is still one of Charlie’s favorite toys.  He will stand there for very long periods of time pushing buttons and dancing along with the music.  And while he sometimes will crawl away and play with something else he usually ends up back at the music table.

*Lion Push Toy-  The loin is probably Charlie’s other favorite toy.  He stands up and dances along with the music and pushes it around the family room (thankfully he hasn’t decided to venture further yet).  He will sit on the floor pushing it back and forth and knows exactly where to push to make it sing for him.

*Touch and Feel books- For a while Charlie wasn’t great at sitting and listening to books, he was too busy snatching them out of your hand to try and eat them.  However, lately he has taken a strong liking to the touch and feel books; That’s Not My Dragon and That’s Not My Baby being among his favorites.  He sits very patiently in laps while we read and touches every page, maybe we have a tactile learner on our hands :)  He also really likes Peek-a-Who?,  which is not a touch and feel book.

*Bella’s food dish and water-  One of Charlie’s favorite games lately is “Race you to the Kitty Food”.  Regardless of how far away he is from Bella’s food and water he will eventually make his way into the kitchen and after crawling through the obstacle course of kitchen chair legs (he could go around the table but under is so much more fun) he will make his way to the bowls, tip them over and bang them on the floor.  If you, ‘catch’ up to him before he gets there he will usually speed up and give you a really large smile or laugh when you grab him.  Thankfully Bella being as chubby as  she is usually doesn’t leave any food for him to spill everywhere which is nice.  However, the water is another issue all together.  We have a pet fountain which cannot be moved but that is fun to play in.  Sometimes a “No, no Charlie” will stop him from dunking his hand in it, other times not so much.  Needless to say this whole game has made supper time prep much more interesting.

*Jay- It goes without saying that Charlie and Jay adore each other.  They are starting to play together really well which is just adorable and Jay can make Charlie laugh like no one else can.  I love watching their relationship grow daily, it makes the crazy that is our lives with two young children so worth it.


*Being on his own- He is a second child and, well, doesn’t really like to be on his own.  He can be happily playing on his own in a room but if you leave (and Jay is not there playing too) he quickly gets upset.  Frequently you can find him crawling along after Jay from room to room.

*Being hungry- Honestly, this is Charlie’s one huge dislike.  The child is happy, just happy to plain exist (it’s wonderful and endearing all at the same time) BUT if he is hungry watch out he will be fuss-y and nothing will calm him down other than eating.  I can almost guarantee if Jamie is not home to eat with us before 6:30 that I am going to have one fussy boy on my hands.

I didn’t get too many of the fast little guy on his own until I called in reinforcements… not sure my reinforcements really helped all that much ;)

9 months

So this little guy was a whopping nine months old today (actually yesterday- I thought I published this post last night before going to bed but I guess I didn’t)- so hard to believe, he’s growing SO fast!  I promise to have the monthly update up soon, since I know that you all are dying to know every little detail I care to share ;) However, here’s a photo from today to tide you all over.  Any guesses as to how soon he’ll be walking???

2.5 year photos

While I frequently find myself wanting this two year old phase to be over and done with there really are SO many things that I cherish about it. I took a ton of photos of our little hambone last Friday on his half-birthday and want to jot down a few things so I don’t forget anything about my precious boy at this difficult yet wonderful age.

-If possible his obsession with cars has grown. He wakes up and plays with them and goes to bed with one in hand. Everything, everything, everything is an accessory for cars- random string on the ground- tow rope for cars, infant brush- carwash for cars, cup- holder for cars… you get the picture, right? Obsessed!
-Roll play. Jay has started role playing and using his imagination SO much these days. Frequently I overhear him having conversations with his cars or setting up pretend lunches, car washes, races for them. We also have frequent dinosaur sightings around here. His imagination seems to be developing at warp speed and I love it! I can’t wait to see what he dreams up next.
-Fruit is our main method of supper time bribery. The kid has become less than a stellar eater over the last few months, most of which has to do with being two rather than actually not liking the food put in front of him. However, he will do and eat pretty much anything in order to have fruit- score!
-He has been saying the funniest things lately. This is honestly a post within itself but seriously I don’t know where he comes up with most of it.
-He loves to snuggle with Mommy before bed. He always gets a story or two before heading off into dreamland but lately he has been requesting snuggles too. This is really nothing more than a stall tactic but I am currently choosing to ignore that and enjoying every minute of my sweet little boy snuggles.
-He loves on his brother constantly. Just the other day Jamie had to tell him to stop kissing on Charlie as we were walking home from seeing the diggers (big construction vehicles down the street). In the morning he lights up when he sees Charlie and always greets him with a huge “morning Charlie”, he talks about him when he is napping, checks on him as soon as he starts to fuss and is frequently doing things to make Charlie belly laugh. I love watching their relationship grow with each passing day
-We are currently working on sharing. Frequently he wants whatever Charlie is playing with and must have it N-O-W! To decrease the amount of toy snatching going on day-to-day we told Jay that if he wants something that Charlie has that he has to give him another toy before “asking” for the toy Charlie has. Lately, when he wants something that Charlie has he will frantically look around for something to give to Charlie and after he finds something he usually tosses it in Charlie’s direction and then grabs whatever it is that he wanted. It’s not exactly sharing but it’s progress :)
-He does not understand the concept of a quiet voice… well okay, he does but the quiet voice lasts for about 2.5 seconds before the louder-than-anything two year old voice returns.
-He will stop everything, even playing with cars, to listen to a story that is being read. Frequently while we are playing I will pull Charlie in my lap and read stories to him. Sometimes Jay will ask to join us, other times he will say that he doesn’t want to after being invited. However, regardless of what he says, the moment I start reading he drops everything and comes over to where we are to listen.
-He calls Hot Dog Heaven, “Hot Dolphin” and announces our arrival at Hot Dolphin as soon as we turn into the parking lot
-He loves to swim! He has a ton of tricks that he does in the pool most of which are announced to his audience by proclamations of “look at me!”

This little boy is funny, sweet and on the go, his heart is huge, his imagination is running wild and I love him with every ounce of my being. I am so proud to be his Mommy and so incredibly blessed to be able to watch him grow each and every day.

Sorry in advance for the ridiculous amount of photos…

It’s no secret that books are important to us and as another way to encourage reading and excitement about reading we started a family tradition two years ago of getting the boys (or any of our children rather) a book on their half birthday. So far we have been choosing the books for them and giving them to the boys on their half birthdays but we are hoping that when the boys get older that this will turn more into a special trip that they get to take with us to pick out their own book. This year we got Jay “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”, he was super excited to open his book in the morning.

This year Jay was so excited about his half birthday that I figured it was ok to go ahead and really celebrate in style- so we had a half cake! We were headed to publix for grocery shopping anyway so while we were there I picked up all of the fixings for a cake and while the boys napped in the afternoon I made him a pineapple coconut (per his request) half cake.

It was hard but I stopped him both times before he actually touched or licked the cake :)

today I am…

8 months old!!

The last month has produced SO many changes for our little Charlie. It really has felt like I blinked and lost my little baby. He is growing and changing before my eyes and learning something new everyday- it’s so wonderful and amazing to watch!

Height- 25.5 inches (Jay is on a measuring kick theses days so I actually remembered to get his height this month.
Teeth- none yet although I am still hopeful they will come soon (Jay had 6 at this point)

Things of Note-
*Crawling- He is fully on the move now! He has been crawling for about a month now; however with each day he is picking up speed and he is starting to follow people from room to room. Pretty soon I will need to go ahead get the baby gates out again.
*Puling up- Charlie started pulling up to his knees at the beginning of this month and would occasionally pull up to his feet if he was pulling up on someone. But just the other day he pulled up on the couch to get one of Jay’s cars. Needless to say this didn’t thrill Jay Bird and I see many a discussion regarding sharing of cars in my future.
*Eating- Eating has been really hit or miss with Charlie to be honest. A lot of his problems have stemmed from his acid reflux- we haven’t been able to give him all of the foods that Jay ate without any issues and on top of the reflux he doesn’t have teeth yet so our options are more limited. His favorite is by far still carrots (and not homemade puréed carrots, the jarred ones) but he will eat butternut squash, sweet potatoes, sweet peas (although they aren’t his favorite) and I still haven’t had much luck on puréed fruits yet. Although he did eat a little bit of peaches today and he still loves frozen bananas (won’t eat them fresh, they have to be frozen). He does love pretty much anything that he can feed himself- I think he has seen us all eat so much that he just wants to do it himself. As for finger foods he has tried (and likes) cheerios (a staple around here), zucchini bread, puffs, veggie straws, pancakes, grilled cheese, french toast and cherries.
*Carseat- we moved Charlie to his big boy carseat this past weekend (he had outgrown his old one) and the infant carseat is packed away and ready for the next little one.
*Talking- Charlie has been talking up a storm lately. Honestly, between Jay and Charlie it is hard to get a word in edgewise. Frequently Jamie and I have to yell at each other to be heard over the two of them. Usually his babbles consist of “Da, da, da, da” and “Nu, nu, nu, nu” but from time to time I am rewarded with a “Ma, ma, ma, ma”- sweet music to my ears ;)
*Silly faces- he is so expressive and makes the silliest faces these days. He frequently scrunches up his nose and furrows his brow along other things. I think they are adorable, although it doesn’t always come across that way in photos.

*Jay- Jay can make Charlie smile and laugh like no one else can. Charlie will start flapping his arms when he sees him and he squeals when they play. It’s so sweet to watch.
*People- this little one likes to watch people and to be around people. On a daily basis he is usually pleased as punch as long as someone is with him; he doesn’t like being left alone in a room. He will cry if he can’t see someone and now that he crawls he will go and find someone. Also, when he is in public he will smile and coo at the people who stop to talk to him, or just the people that walk by. This is such a change from introverted Jay Bird.
*Water- whether in the form of pool (front yard or big pool), ocean or bath he loves it all. He will splash, splash until his heart’s content and smile the whole time doing it.
*Cell Phones- the child is fascinated with all things electronic and especially cell phones. They are near impossible to hide from him and he will crawl just about anywhere to get them.
*Cars- He really likes Jay’s cars. He will crawl across the room to get one and this doesn’t always make Jay very happy. The current rule is that if Jay takes something that Charlie has, that he has to give him something in return. I know that this rule will soon have to change- I see many a fight over car sharing in our future… :(
*Music Table- Charlie likes singing, music from the stereo, etc. and he likes pulling up on things these days so the fact that he likes the music table is a no brainer to me.
*Cups- aside from the above mentioned music table and cars Charlie’s favorite toy has to be cups. The stacking cups intended for baby play or just some regular ole plastic ones from the cupboard, he’s not picky and he loves them all. He will suck on them, bang them on the floor, push them so the roll away from him and then crawl after them. You name it he does it and he loves them so.

*Being hungry- This little boy gets down right hangry (angry when he is hungry)!! He can go from happy boy to screaming his full head off in a matter of minutes when he decides he’s hungry. It took me a while to figure out that he was hungry, I would mistake it for being tired or grumpy, but thankfully I can usually recognize it now and fix the problem.

Overall Charlie is the happiest little baby that I have every known. There is not much that upsets him and he is usually happy just being! I am sure that there is other things that I could share but nothing is popping to mind so enjoy the photos- playing keep away with the blocks is much harder than it may seem.

today I am

Well, it’s more like over the weekend I was… but what can you do?  I would have never dreamt of being late posting Jay’s monthly update posts; however, things have changed a bit and while I have been making sure to take the monthly photos I have not stressed about getting the posts up on the exact date.  I have been reminded all too frequently recently to enjoy my little ones every minute that I can because life is short.  So that’s what we did Sunday- we enjoyed our snuggles, said thank you for the 7 months that we have had with Charlie thus far, laughed hard and celebrated our sweet Daddy.

Now on to the update… My little guy is growing like a bad weed and learning new tricks every day.  It is amazing to me how quickly time is passing and lucky I am to be this little guys Mama :)


Teeth- sadly there are still none.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they come quickly, it would honestly make feeding this kiddo SO much easier.

Things of Note-

* Sleep- Charlie is still a wonderful sleeper.  Aside from when he was sick a few weeks back he has been sleeping through the night for months now (YAY!!) and takes good naps throughout the day.  I did realize that I was getting him up a little to early from his naps… if you let the little boy rest for a bit after his first peeps he usually falls back asleep and snoozes for a little while longer.  Also, he usually plays in his crib in the morning before we get him.  I can hear him talking before we wake up and he will wait patiently until I rouse myself enough to pull his sweet smiling face out of bed.

* Mobility- we are about a hair’s breadth away from Charlie being able to crawl.  He has gone about two knee movements thus far (mostly by accident) but he is solidly on his hands and knees, in full rocking position and has been reaching and moving his arms for quite a bit now.  So it will only be a little bit before he is full on crawling and I will be in real trouble.  As for other forms of mobility he scoots on his bottom (while sitting) to grab things that he wants, he has mastered the backwards tummy scoot (although this one really ticks him off since it usually sends him in the opposite direction that he intends to go), he rolls just about anywhere he wants to go and generally doesn’t sit still.  I adore when he crawls up into my lap and hugs onto my knees and while I know that I am going to have trouble keeping up with the boys when he is fully mobile I am enjoying this new phase too.

*Eating- this is probably the most frustrating aspect of this kiddo.  We started having troubles as soon as the acid reflux kicked in and now that we have moved to solids in a addition to the breast feeding we have doubled our eating issues.  Charlie has pretty much decided that carrots are the only thing he will eat, and not just any carrots- carrots from the jar, not homemade ones.  He  pretty much clams up and closes his mouth so tight that you can’t get a single thing in if he doesn’t want it.  The iron-mouth-gate is applied when I try feeding him any type of fruit (he may not actually be my child after all) and any type of homemade baby food I have tried with him.  He does however really enjoy feeding himself, so puffs, veggie straws and frozen bananas are really winners.  Just yesterday I tried giving him frozen parsnips on a whim, he liked the frozen bananas- he wouldn’t eat them fresh so I figured why not, and he gobbled them up!  Popping the frozen blob in and out of his mouth.  I honestly did a happy dance right there in the kitchen- it felt like such a huge victory.  My list of things to do now includes freeze more baby food options; we’ll see if he likes any other flavors ;)

* Talking- Charlie is “talking” up a storm, he babbles quite frequently and is staring to string sounds together.  Occasionally, I get rewarded with a Mama or we also hear Dada- so sweet ;)

*Charlie’s personality is really developing these days.  He is sure to tell you if he doesn’t like something, he smiles pretty much constantly and has started making this adorable scrunched-nose face that I ADORE!


* His brother- Charlie adores Jay!!  He constantly watches him, smiles at him and laughs at his antics.  There is no one that can make Charlie laugh the way that Jay can.  Just the other night Charlie was full-on belly laughing as Jay ran past him over and over again- all of us were laughing by the end of it.  I love how much their relationship has already developed, it is so amazing to watch them together.

*Water- whether it is bath time or pool time Charlie really likes it, he splashes along and smiles the whole time.   One of his favorite pool time activities is splashing wars with Jay- they get within two feet of each other and just splash like crazy!

*His stacking cups, cars and duplo- Charlie’s favorite toys are still the stacking cups and now include a few cars and duplos.  Jay has decided that he has a few cars (they were from when he was younger and are not matchbox style cars) that he is okay sharing with Charlie- we are working on sharing ;) Charlie will push them and scoot around to follow them.  He also really enjoys the boxes full of duplo; which he mostly enjoys dumping and chewing on but he likes them none the less.

*Iphones- Charlie is fascinated with iPhones and well honestly most technology (cameras, iPads etc).  He will do anything to get the phones if they are out and he loves watching what is happening on them.  He is so fascinated with them that we have used them a few times to entice him into crawling and every time (even though he doesn’t really crawl) he gets to them and starts pushing buttons.


*Being on his own- Charlie is okay as long as some one else is in the room with him or within eye shot (if he can see me in the kitchen he is good).  I don’t know if it’s a second child thing or just a Charlie thing but he really doesn’t like to be by himself.

*Loud noises- He is still not a fan of any loud startling noise, including but not limited to loud Jay Bird screams… which lets be honest who really loves when Jay is screeching around the house?


Our visit with the doctor went really well today- they said that Charlie looks great, is growing on track and even recommended a little something to mix with his pear juice to help with his ‘output’ issue.  That last bit might be TMI but it’s super exciting news for us!

Here’s the stats and a few photos I took a couple days ago- love my super smily little guy!

Height- 25.5 inches (25%)

Weight- 17lbs 7oz (50%)

Head- 17 3/4 (75%)

He’s watching Jay in this photo… love how they adore each other ;)

and one of both my boys just because it makes me smile…

today I am…

6 months old!!

One word for that…

I find that the time is flying by kind of like it did when I was pregnant with Charlie… One moment we were announcing that a second little one was on the way and then after blinking I was in the hospital holding my sweet little boy.  These days I frequently find myself looking at him and catching glimpses of his personality and wondering when he got so big.  He truly is the sweetest, happiest little guy around. He has a sense of peace about him that I envy; he sits back and takes it all in with such joy, amazement and smiles- oh boy does he smile…

Stats-  we are headed to the Doctor tomorrow and I will be back to post his stats after we see what they are ;)

Teeth- none as of yet although, he’s working on them and we have he occasional cranky-pants and drool to prove it!

Things of Note-

*Charlie has been sitting up for almost a month now.  Just after turning 5 months old he began tripoding really well and since then he has been sitting pretty well on his own.  Right now he sits for long periods of time on his own and rarely falls; however, when he does he just rolls to his side or tummy and plays that was for a while.

*Mobility is coming- as of right now he rolls to get whatever he wants.  It doesn’t always work in his favor (he has no direction control); however, he is usually content wherever he ends up and with whatever toys ends up closest to him.  He is also starting to scoot a little when he is sitting up.  He has to be on a slick surface to do this but it’s still movement so I count it.

*Foods-  Little boy can eat and has been able to from day one.  We have been trying solid foods for about a month now, we started feeding them to him to hopefully help with his acid reflux (the theory is that heavy food in their tummy helps keep him from spitting up milk).  The food has helped to keep things down- less spit up- but since he rejects prunes (too acidic), peaches or pears, it has also helped to keep things in.  So with one solution we have created another problem and we are working on fixing that right now.  His favorites so far are peas and sweet potatoes and he really won’t eat any of the fruits that I have tried to give him other than pears with blueberries- honestly, if he didn’t look so much like me I would swear he wasn’t my kid because of how much he hates the fruit!

*Thumb Sucker-  sweet boy loves his thumb.  He will take a Paci every once in a while however he only uses it as a teether. But that thumb, oh he has a thing for his thumb… and the way his pointer finger wraps around his little nose when he sucks on it just melts my heart.

*Sleeping has been going well and continues to go well.  He sleeps for the most part from 8 or 8:30 every night until 7 or 7:30 and when he wakes up in the morning he usually plays quietly in the crib.  Frequently I will go and get him and find him playing with his blankets or his ugly doll (adorable stuffed toy given to him by his godfather Michael), pleased as punch to just be there.

*Pretty much everything within Charlie’s reach these days is fair game- be it toy, blanket, duplo (Jay’s), car (Jay’s), bowl of salad, drink, phone… you get the picture.  If he can reach it, it’s his and it will go in his mouth.  The phone is a favorite but I think it might be because we use them so frequently… sad to admit… :(

*He is camera shy.  If there is such a thing in a photographer’s house, this little boy is somewhat camera shy.  He clams up and stops talking, cooing, smiling etc whenever he sees the camera or the phone out.  It makes it a challenge to capture just how smiley this little one is; however, I have gotten pretty good at shooting from the hip so he won’t see them camera.

*His relationship with Jay is growing by the minute and is probably my favorite thing lately.  He adores Jay, watching him, smiling and belly laughing at the things he does.  Jay is just as enamored with Charlie as Charlie is with him.  He is always asking where he is (if he’s not around- usually when he is napping), is immediately concerned if he is crying, talks about him all of the time and shares things with him too.  Having two this close together is tough on even a good day but seeing their relationship grow the way it has been makes it all the worth while.


*WATER!!  He loves bath time especially if he gets a few minutes in the tub all to himself to splash around.  He does enjoy the bath with company as well, it’s just that he gets to do a little more kicking when it’s only just him in there.  The few times that we have taken him in the pool he has been all ear to ear smiles!  He loves to splash and spin around!

*He likes to be tickled and when you love on him.  Frequently throughout the day I will get his neck and or his belly and he laughs and laughs.

*He likes when we sing songs and read nursery rhymes.  He will sit through a few toddler books when I am reading to Jay but he prefers the nursery rhymes and rhythmic stories over the others.  Some favorites right now are Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb and a book full of Mother Goose rhymes.

*Watching Piper and Bella.  From as early as I can remember he has enjoyed watching Jay, he’s kind of hard to miss these days, but lately he has really taken a liking to the animals.  He loves playing with Piper’s fur and feet and he watches both Piper and Bella whenever they are around.

*Being outside- Charlie loves to play outside.  We frequently take a blanket outside and sit under the shade to play.  It’s a very nice change to being inside all of the time; however, I am not looking forward to the summer when it is even hotter outside than it is now.


*Honestly, I am at a loss for what to put here… other than the completely normal dislikes of any other tiny human- being tired, being in one place for more than 30 minutes, not being able to poop- he is pretty much a breeze.  We are lucky and I know it ;)

Here’s a few from our photo shoot… I took a few in front of our chalkboard wall in addition to the blocks and I LOVE them- it was so hard to narrow it down to even this many!

this one makes him look bigger he is, or at least that is my opinion…

and yes he will probably hate me for the next few but I took similar pictures of Jay so he’ll have company ;)

I pretty much adore this one, sweet chunk of love…

today I am…

Stats- (let’s face it, I really should only put stats on the posts that we go to the doctor for since I can’t seem to get my act together enough to get them at home)

Weight- Honestly, we really need to get our scale fixed because otherwise I have no idea how much this chunk of love weighs… I will try to do that soon I promise.


Teeth- Still none, although he is working on that

Things of note-

*Sleeping- He has been in his own room for about a month now (maybe more) and generally sleeps through the night.  We did have him on his back for the first little while he was in there and bless his little heart he just couldn’t sleep that way.  I am pretty sure it bothers his acid reflux so now that I have flipped him to his tummy (like he sleeps for his naps) he is doing much better and sleeping more soundly.

*Acid Reflux- We are still battling the acid reflux with Charlie Man.  Unfortunately, within the last week or so it has really been bothering him and he has been spiting up more than usual.  We do have a new medication that we are going to try with him (it is possible that he out grew his last dosage or it doesn’t affect him as well anymore) and we have started giving him a little rice cereal last weekend in hopes of helping the food stay down a bit better.  I found a lot of info after researching alternative treatments that a little bit of solid food in the tummy with help ground the food.

*He is grabbing at everything these days.  Nothing within an arms reach is really safe anymore-it’s all fair game!  Oh and anything he actually does get his little hands on goes straight into his mouth.

*Teeth- While he still doesn’t actually have any his gums are really tough and man is he chewing on things something fierce!  Whether it be paci, hands, toys or other random objects they usually go straight to his mouth.

*Food- we have been giving him a tiny bit of Rice Cereal every day for a little bit now.  And while he is still exclusively breast feed outside of this he is getting one bowl (about a tablespoon) of cereal a day.

*Paci vs. Thumb- he is shall we say ambi-suckstress.  He slightly prefers his thumb to a paci; however, he is pretty content to use a paci if it is there and given to him.  Within the last week or so he will do anything to get the paci into his mouth if he sees it in the crib and to his credit he gets it in a good percentage of the time.

*Talking-  He talks frequently and to many people.  It is really adorable to watch since he is already so animated when he speaks- he laughs and giggles throughout the whole conversation.


*Being woken up by the bird.  Frequently Charlie wakes up when I am in the middle of doing something (dishes etc) so in the time it takes for me to come to a stopping point Jay has gone into his room to check on him and crawled into the crib with him.  I know that I should be mad at Jay for doing this and stop it; however, Charlie really loves to be woken up this way.  He smiles, coos and watches his brother the whole time they are in the crib together.

*Jay Bird-  Their relationship is a post all in itself.  But man-o-man do these boys adore each other.  Jay is always checking up on him, wanting to know how Charlie is and helping in whatever way he can with anything Charlie.  Charlie on the other hand watches Jay’s every move, looks up to him already- you can already see the admiration that he has for him and Jay is the one person that he without fail will reward with his full on belly laughs.  The moments between the two of them make all the crazy that is having two very young kiddos so, so worth it.

*His feet- he can’t get enough of them right now and is frequently grabbing on them and chewing on them as well.

*Rolling over- He has been able to roll for the last month however, he has really gotten good at this within the last two weeks or so.  If you put him down, over he flips without fail.  Also, he can flip from his tummy to his back now too- which ticks him off it he does this when he is in the crib and just waking up (again, I think it is an acid reflux thing).

*Being Outside- this is nothing new for any of my guys really- they are all happiest when they are outside.  A week or so ago I put a blanket down in the grass and Charlie loved it- his little toes danced around in the grass and he giggled the whole time (I can’t wait to post the photos I got of him during this- SO cute!)

*Sitting Up- the boy loves it!  Honestly, it is probably his favorite position to be in these days.  Lying down bothers his tummy and he doesn’t get much freedom to move when he is being held.  Sitting however allows him to see most everything that is going on around and to play!  He can sit up on his own for a good bit without assistance however if he has the assistance (a boppy pillow or someone’s legs around him he can go for much longer.

*The exersaucer- It’s almost as good as sitting up AND it has toys attached, enough said :)

*Nursery Rhymes and Songs from Mommy- he’s still a fan and they usually make him smile.  Singing to him is my go-to mood changer if I have a sad/fussy little boy on my hands.

*Books- the amount of time that I have available to read to Charlie is far less than I had with Jay.  However, he is frequently included while we read with Jay and he can make it through 3-4 shortish books or 1 longer one  before getting to antsy.  Lately, he has also really taken notice  (and in my opinion enjoyed) looking at the illustrations that accompany the books we read.  This is a big for us- we LOVE how much Jay Bird likes to read and we hope that Charlie will be the same way too.


*Loud noises- In particular when his brother yells really loudly and more specifically when he yells really loudly in his face.  It startles him and he starts screaming.  Not fun and not especially easy to explain to the Bird.

almost a week ago I was…

A day late but not a dollar short that’s for sure… here’s the update on my sweet little one.

height- 23.5 inches long (the exact same as Jay at his age)

weight- a whopping 16lbs 6oz!! (more than 2lbs more than Jay at his age)

Things of note:

-To begin with Charlie is probably the sweetest happiest baby around.  I know that he is mine and therefore I am biased but this child is the picture of patience and so genuinely happy all of the time; I sincerely can’t get enough of him.  It seems as though he has gotten Jamie’s laid back/whatever attitude in combination with my happy-go-lucky and it makes for the most wonderful little boy.

-He has been laughing for more than a month now.  It is the sweetest sound around :)

-He is also a little ticklish… not a whole lot but from time to time if you get his belly, neck or the top of his legs just right you can hear that sweet baby laugh.

-He started rolling over on Saturday.  He goes from his back to his front (which I understand to be unusual; however, both of my boys have gone back to front first).  He has done it a few times since then and is marginally happy when he gets there but you better help him out soon since he still isn’t a fan of being on his tummy for too long.

-He is an absolute angel as far a sleeping goes.  He has pretty much been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months old.  I honestly believe that part of this has to do with his personality but there is also a portion of this that I attribute to the sleep training work that we have done with him since he was two weeks old.  He has a bed time routine and has had for months now and I think it really, really helps.  He is also a pretty good napper; frequently, he will fuss a tiny bit then just crash so he can be placed in his crib on his tummy (oh the horror, I know- but it works).  Lately, he has been fighting a little harder to stay awake between naps (I think it’s because he is aware of things more and is starting to not want to miss out on anything) so I have been putting him down while he is still awake and while he fusses a little bit he usually gives in and goes to sleep on his own.  Like I said- angel :)

-He has really started paying attention to the things around him.  He has been watching Jay from quite early on (however, I would have concerns if he wasn’t.  Jay can be a whole lot and also pretty in your face) but now he has also noticed Piper and Dolce (Bella doesn’t stick around the littles long enough to be noticed).  He will turn your way when he is called and flash you a huge smile as soon as he sees you.

-Teething has started.  We have a randomly cranky boy (screams out of nowhere for no reason), he chews on anything that he can reach and we have tons of drool.  So, yes we are teething; we’re just hoping that he doesn’t take as long as Jay did to cut teeth.

-He has found his feet.  He doesn’t get them every time he tries but when he does he is pretty darn proud of himself for grabbing them.


-Bouncer chair.  While he is quickly outgrowing this chair he still enjoys it quite a bit and for that I am really glad!  It has saved me quite a few times when I have needed some place to put him.  We are looking into getting a bumbo, even though we think they are pretty silly looking, since he likes sitting up so much.

-Exersaucer.  He is a tad too small for this yet; however, he does enjoy it quite a bit and is wanting to stay in it for longer and longer periods of time.  The only challenge I have when he is in it is getting Jay to not spin it around and around.

-Tick tock.  I am pretty much guaranteed a huge smile and sometimes a laugh if I hold him up in the air and swing him back and forth like the pendulum on a clock while saying “tick, tock, tick, tock”.  It’s such a silly game but he loves it. (editor’s note: for the worried grandmothers, the pivot of the pendulum is his shoulders/neck, so his head stays relatively stationary during the tick tock)

-Nursery rhymes and silly songs.  He loves to be sung to (he isn’t as picky as his Daddy is about me staying on key) and loves when I swing his arms along with a song or a rhyme.  It’s can almost always get a smile out of him.  Some of his favorites are Patty-Cake, Do your Ears Hang Low?, and Tony Knows (Toe, Knee, Noes).

-Crinkle toys are his favorite although he does enjoy a few of his wooden HABA toys as well but the crinkle ones are his favorite.  He loves to grab them and smash them into his face and eat the ribbon tags on them.  Honestly, I love that these are his favorites since two out of the three that he has are ones that I made for him ;)

-Muslin Blankets.  He has really taken to the muslin blankets that he has.  They are super lightweight and very soft.  He loves to eat them, ball them up with his fists, kick them with his fists, curl up on them and fall asleep on them, suck on the edges- you name it he probably does it with these blankets.


-The only thing that comes to mind right now is he is not a huge fan of when Jay yells really loudly.  It’s a little too much for him (it usually startles him) and he is quick to cry after it happens.  However, other than that he is pretty much a wonderful baby so I don’t really have a long list of dislikes…

I guess that about sums him up at this age.  Enjoy the rest of the photos of this super sweet little one and although he smiles all of the time  face to face he usually makes funny faces at my camera so catching a really good Charlie smile can be hard to do.

usually the face I get from him when he first sees my camera- I know it's big but really!

not a fabulous photo since my camera strap is in it BUT you can see a pretty great Charlie smile if you look hard enough

4 months old

This little guy is a whopping four months old today!!  He is as sweet as ever and growing super fast- he rolled over today all by himself!  However, the monthly update will have to wait for another day; it was a late evening and an early morning followed by a long day.  So even though I was able to relax on the blanket with Charlie for a little bit and recharge today I am hitting the sack early.  Until I can open my eyelids long enough to put together more than a few sentences, enjoy a sweet Charlie smile :)