our weekend

Since we stayed up late to snuggle in for a movie, since our little guy woke us us at 4:50am and then again at 7am, and since my eye lids are heavy and I’m having a hard time focusing you will be getting a view of our weekend in short (possibly fragmented) sentences and pictures. Enjoy- there are a lot of pictures; it was a long weekend for us…

we had lunch with this guy
these guys were there for lunch too (and Grandma and Aunt Nancy who aren't pictured)
we knocked down towers made by this guy
we hung out in the hammock
we had a bunch of wagon rides
we got some great veggies from the farmers market
we got to wear hoodies because the weather was chilly
we worked in the garden
and we spotted this little beauty! (it's a squash in case you didn't know)
we had a serious case of bed-head after our nap
we were super cuddly after our nap- Mama didn't mind one bit!
we were also super silly and smily after our nap
we got to check out the birds on the lake after lunch
we got to play with HDH cups while sitting on the table
Mama attended a beautiful baby shower while the guys watched football
Mama attended a beautiful baby shower while the guys watched football
hosted by this cute one ^ for this adorable Mama to be ^
we made some yummy muffins with the help of this guy- recipe to come soon
we wore pants that were too big and thought it was funny when they were pulled up to our armpits
we played with Dolce, string and baskets...

We had dinner at the Knights and took each other’s Holiday photos. I would show you- they are too cute- but I am a little traditional about the photos and think you may have to wait until the card comes in the mail to see it. I will tell you one thing though, I LOVE them, that’s for sure!

we played with the kitties some more
we drank juice from a cup- with a huge amount of assistance and only for a short while

We hung out around the house on Monday
Had lunch with Grandpa again- lucky ducks are we to have lunch twice within four days
And Jamie and I celebrated out 5th year of knowing each other.  That’s one whole hand’s worth of time!!

All in all it was a great weekend. Hope yours was too!

bed head

I apologize in advance for the obnoxious amount of pictures that I am about to post- consider yourself warned!

a teaser for you to keep you reading ;-)
one more...

Jay crashed in the car on the way home from one of our daily outings last week. Fortunately, I was able to transfer him from his car seat to his bed where he stayed for another 20 minutes.  This is not great, as far as good napping goes, but it is leaps and bounds above where we were a month ago.  When I got him from his room after he woke up I noticed the terrible case of bed-head that plagued his sweet little noggin’ and thought to my self “oh no, it’s begun!”  If you have ever seen his father when he first wakes up or me for that matter, you will know what I am talking about.  We were not blessed with tame hair and apparently we felt that it was our duty to pass this on to Jay.  He doesn’t have a ton of hair right now so the fact that it is standing straight up on end is rather impressive in my opinion.  It wasn’t easy to get a good picture of it standing up every which-a-way but in trying to get one good picture of the hair I got a ton of pictures of Jay that crack me up… enjoy!

what you lookin' at
I want that, can I have that?
I'm cute, can I please have it?
so cute- a new favorite
did I mention that he was completely happy when he woke up and oblivious to his hair situation?
seriously, just hanging out without a clue!
like father, like son- best shot of his hair
silly face
can we be done Mom? pretty please...