barry and ollie

Since saying goodbye to our sweet Bella last fall Jamie has been missing having kitties around. Together we decided that we should probably wait until next fall before adding to the family again since Remy would be a little bit older and Jamie would be home more because of the holidays. However, I saw cute kitties while at the pet store getting food for Piper and then Jamie stopped by the shelter after work one day to “just look” and one thing led to another and after a few more trips to the shelter, two sweet kitties have been added to our crazy. They are super sweet and adjusting well to our large and occasionally overly-loving family. Without further ado we are pleased to introduce…

  • Barry- as in: Barry Allen aka The Flash
  • Ollie- as in: Oliver (Ollie) Queen aka Green Arrow

I am surrounded by boys (we are 7 to 2 at the this point) so Superhero names only seem fitting. I am sure you will see their sweet charming faces around here from time to time because they are sweet and cute and they are ours…



Barry and Ollie

getting some love from Luc

sleepy kitty


sleepy kitties

One thought on “barry and ollie

  1. Awwwwww…there is something about kitties …so happy for you! Except for eye color, Ollie looks a bit like Hero Marcus James (named for Jim and a friend named Mark on Veterans Day)…Barry looks so innocent!!


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